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  • js3802js3802
    Posts: 9
    I finally got the nerve and got my first Aneros a couple of weeks ago.  I picked the Helix.  I had used either a vibrator, dildo or my fingers to provide anal pleasure.  I was never really able to have a Super-O using any of them, I was able to have some precum release followed by mind blind orgasms when I masturbated.  So, after reading the testimonials here and watching videos on the net, I finally decided to give Aneros a try.  My first time using my Helix sat in an office chair with my feet on the desk and just rode it.  It gave me an immediate erection and took my breath away.  i had never felt like this before.  I just sat there with butt half hanging off the seat with my feet propped up on the edge of the desk and look to see a stream of precum leaking out of my cock.  WOW!  I usually have tough time ever getting precum release during my previous solo sessions.  Although, I have noticed lately that I am releasing more precum before I have sex.  Sweet!  After awhile, I couldn't take it anymore and finally jerked off and released a massive load that just shot out in thick streams.  After that, I was spent.  Wow....  I have used it a couple more times since then but really haven't had the required time and privacy to really fully enjoy it.  I've had a couple of times where I started to experience waves and, some but not much, precum released but I had to end it... 
    I hope that I can learn a lot and get there...
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Sounds like a terrific first time out!  As you know there is a secondary use of this device that keys into an alternate arousal pathway.   Check out the Helpful Links for New Members sticky.  You'll learn that there is a powerful sensory awakening that awaits you.

    Check it out!

    BF Mayfield
  • i have just placed an order for a helix syn.. am looking forward to receiving it and working it on myself... i will keep this forum informed on my experiences....cheers Benn