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my butt is sore. and some newbie questions
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    my anus feels a slight stinging sensation and a subtle sense of soreness. Is this normal? I still get pleasurable sensation from the aneros. The pain itself is pretty subtle and doesn't bother me too much. The only thing i'm worried about is causing some kind of permanent damage or giving myself a hemorrhoid. Is this a legitimate concern? If i'm not in any danger of physical damage then I would like to proceed with my aneros sessions becuase the pain isn't distracting at all.

    also i want to ask.. how do I get over a plataeu? I feel like i've reached a point where I do get pleasurable sensations from my aneros, but its not what I would call an orgasm. I'm wondering what exactly will it take to tip me over from receiving pleasurable sensations to receiving even one intense breathless orgasm? 
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi yr99

    Sounds like it could be just the normal adjustment/accommodation discomfort, unless you are not using enough lube! Do you have or get hemorrhoids? If so, you should try the peridise models and check out the High Island Health website (parent of Aneros and original medical site) with its detailed information of this topic and treatment.

    I hope you are also not forcing sessions daily any more. A day or two in between sessions will probably advance and deepen your rewiring faster. Getting over a plateau is uasually simple: patience and practicing deep relaxation. When you say "pleasurable sensations", are any of those p-waves, pleasure waves that may originate in your pelvic basin or elsewhere, and start spreading through your body and intensifying session after session??

    "...but it's not what I would call an orgasm." Ah well that is good; since many of the myriad orgasm types that your awakening and then fully awakened prostate will not feel like an ejaculation orgasm at all!! No expectations! Be open to and allow whatever your system whispers or shouts. Your body/mind experiments on you during your rewiring. Be grateful!!

    all the best allowing the open connecting with your own body/mind and its prostate "frontal lobe" home all


    as we rewire we are all reconnected

  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    i don't get hemorrhoids, but sometimes i get minor anal fissures if my diet is bad and my stool is too hard. it's possible that i was too fast with the insertion sometimes and might have slightly tore or irritated something.

    the pleasure is focused around my pelvic region, but it's not really a wave that encompasses my whole body. when i am extremely aroused from watching porn, it does shoot down my legs, the same sensation you would feel if you are having a really good stretch. but it doesn't really shoot up my body. and intensifying sesion to session? i would say it's plataeued.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    "my anus feels a slight stinging sensation and a subtle sense of soreness. Is this normal?"
    NO, from the Aneros WIKI -> "Of the two factors, discomfort is the showstopper, that is, you cannot nor should you work through it. Most times it is only effectively resolved by laying off for a while... stop and revisit this all another day." If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, temporarily cease Aneros use until you have resolved the cause, any pain is counterproductive to pleasure generation. Please read the Avoiding discomfort paragraph in the WIKI. The stinging sensation could be due to a mild allergic reaction to your lubrication.

    Young Squire, young squire, methinks you're pushing too hard, too fast and now YOUR body is giving you a clear signal to slow down. It (your body) will refuse to advance with siege tactics of continual assault. All you may be accomplishing now is armoring yourself against yourself. The Aneros journey is not a clear linear progression, you will encounter hills, valleys, peaks, plateaus and deserts in this travel. Since you can't really force the pace faster why not choose to observe the immediate scenery in detail and let the far off perspective unfold gradually?

    Perhaps you may find it beneficial to re-examine your definition of "orgasm". If you have never had an 'anal orgasm', a 'prostate orgasm' or other type of orgasm, how would you know if these new "...pleasurable sensations..." were or weren't orgasms? After all isn't that what an orgasm is, a sequence of pleasurable sensations? Could it be that these pleasurable sensations are really low intensity orgasms?
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  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    i suppose you're right, rumel. I just figured that the pain isn't really getting in the way of my enjoyment since it's so subtle. 

    And I guessss you could call those pleasurable sensations i'm feeling as low intensity orgasms. I don't call them orgasms because the level of intensity is so low. If they were more intense then i'd call them orgasms without hesitation. 

    there's still a slight sense of soreness, so I should probably wait another day or two even though i don't want to :(.