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Directions for Prostate Massage (for Pro-state and Aneros, from
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
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    Hi guys,Here are some amazing directions for using the Aneros from The document is entitled: "Directions for Prostate Massage" The title is hyperlinked and has some illustrations which may be of help. is an enema supply store which also sells products promoting anal and urological health. Among their products is much of the Aneros line though at going prices, on the expensive side.
    Text of this document from follows below. I hope to print out this document later today for ready use!:

    Preparation:1. Wash the Pro-State massager with warm, soapy water before and after each use. You may also choose to rinse the rectum with warm water by using a rectal syringe.

    2. Lie on either side and bend the knees close to the stomach. This is intended to allow you to relax and to best orient the massager towards the prostate.

    3. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the anus and to thePro-State prostate massager. A small eye-dropper works well for applying lubricant inside the anus. This step is important because the Pro-State functions best when suspended within this fluid environment.

    Stage 1 - Relaxation and Concentration1. Position the Pro-State Massager so that the perineum abutment (tab top of the thicker, upturned arm) will press against the perineum acupressure spot when thePro-State Massager is fully inserted into the anus. The thinner, curled arm should be oriented towards the back.

    2. Slowly insert the Pro-State Massager about one half of the way into the anus; it will then be drawn the rest of the way into the rectum and accurately position itself against the prostate with the perineum abutment pressing against the perineum acupressure spot. The anal canal, front wall of the rectum, prostate, and the perineum acupressure point will be stimulated simultaneously by the Pro-State Massager . At this time, many inexperienced users will feel the urge to urinate.

    IMPORTANT: The perineum abutment (top of front arm) should always press against the perineum during use. It is very important to keep the Pro-State Massager facing in the proper direction. If you insert the Pro-State Massager backwards, you cannot correctly stimulate the involved organs. This will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the Pro-State Massager .

    3. To ensure that the Pro-State Massager is properly inserted, use the handle/guide to position the perineum abutment against the perineum acupressure spot. The perineum acupressure spot is located between the anus and the scrotum, usually 1.5 to 2 inches from the anus toward the scrotum.

    4. Keep the perineum area dry to ensure the perineum abutment won't slip from the perineum acupressure spot.

    5. When the Pro-State Massager is fully drawn into the anus, you will initially feel the pressure of the foreign object. For best results, allow 10 to 20 minutes for relaxation. During this time, we recommend meditative breathing exercises.

    6. Slowly inhale for 4 - 8 seconds, hold this breath for several seconds, now slowly exhale for 4 - 8 seconds. Relax and concentrate on the sensations in the anal area. The anus will accommodate the Pro-State Massager and the foreign sensation will fade. Release all tensions and expectations with each exhalation.

    Stage 2 - Contraction Exercises1. Now that you are fully relaxed and building awareness of the sensations inside the anal canal, you are ready to begin the contraction exercises. Continue to breathe slowly and begin to contract the sphincter muscle in time with your breathing. Inhale deeply as you contract the muscles and relax as you exhale. Repeat this exercise 20 - 30 times. Take note of the healing effects of the massage.

    2. Note: This exercise strengthens the anal sphincter and increases the blood circulation to the region. Increased circulation results in fresh supplies of oxygen and constant purging of toxins. Thus, these exercises will not only tone the lower tracts but cleanse them as well. Sexual sensitivity will also increase.

    3. Focus your mind on your prostate. Slowly contract your anal sphincter to about one fourth to half of full contraction strength and maintain this level of contraction. Holding this level of contraction is difficult - anal muscles will quiver and may spasm causing a vibration that corresponds to the muscle's involuntary movements. This dynamic interaction between the voluntary and involuntary muscular contractions is important in achieving prostate massage and drainage.

    4. Note: This exercise strengthens the anal sphincter and increases the blood circulation to the region. Increased circulation results in fresh supplies of oxygen and constant purging of toxins. Thus, these exercises will not only tone the lower tracts but cleanse them as well. Sexual sensitivity will also increase.

    5. Because the Pro-State Massager is suspended unstably within the anal canal, the slightest muscular action and even the pulsing of blood vessels infiltrating the anal canal and surrounding the prostate is detected by the Pro-State and directly transmitted to the anal canal, prostate and the perineum acupressure point. These sensations are positively relayed back to the anus, and this chain reaction increases the effectiveness of the healing massage.

    6. During this session, it is possible to adjust the location of the Pro-State by slightly increasing or decreasing your contraction strength. In this manner, you may position the Pro-State Massager to a point most preferable to you. In conjunction with the degree of pressure applied to the perineum acupressure point, all points along the front wall of the rectum from the anus to the ampulla of vas above the prostate will reflect different types and degrees of sensations. This area contains a great number of nerves and you may experience unfamiliar, though positive, sensations.

    7. Take time to experiment by varying your sphincter contractions from gentle to stronger and all levels in between. These exercises are important to optimize health in the genitourinary region.

    8. Note: At this time, lubricant plays an important role to keep the Pro-State Massager as slippery as possible so that the massager's movement is easily effected by the anal sphincter's actions.

    9. Make a strong contraction of your anal sphincter. As you increase the strength of the contraction, the Pro-State Massager will be drawn deeper toward the prostate as it moves in a stroking motion with increasing pressure. The perineum abutment accordingly increases the pressure on the perineum acupressure point.
    Stage 3 - Effects of Prostate Massage1. At this point in the massage, you may notice some prostate drainage. Try to prolong this by controlling the degree of your sphincter contractions. The deep feeling gradually increases and you may feel highly pleasurable sensations. The prostate gland is responsible for producing a large percentage of a man's ejaculate, and it is healthy and desirable to fully drain this fluid regularly. Prostate massage is the most effective means of doing so, as no other method directly stimulates the prostate gland. Tensing the muscles of your entire body can increase the pressure of the massage. Spontaneous ejaculation or other similar strong sensations may or may not occur.

    2. One remarkable thing about this experience is that it is physically controllable. This means you can regulate the experience by controlling the anal sphincter and the level of muscular tension in your body. Consequently, it is possible for you to experience several different kinds of new sensations in one session. Note: Your body is completely responsible for manipulating the mechanism of the Pro-State Massager . You can in effect turn "off" the device by completely relaxing your sphincter, and turn it "on" by contracting your sphincter. In this manner, it is possible to prolong and increase the effects of prostate massage.

    Stage 4 - Sexual Health and Benefits1. Contract your anal sphincter together with the penis erection muscles (PC Muscles) as strongly as you can. This practice will cause more blood to flow through your penis. You will actually feel your penis expanding and swelling. Maintain this contraction as long as you can. This is very good practice to maximize prolonged expanded erection. This practice is a natural and highly effective method of promoting sexual health. Regular use of Pro-State Massager can greatly improve erection control and enhance sexual pleasure and virility without the use of medication, a vacuum pump, penis ring, etc., particularly in cases of decreased penile sensitivity or occasional erectile dysfunction.

    Note: For best results, bend the knees close to the stomach, squeeze the scrotum between the inner thighs (you can cross your thighs to squeeze more) then stretch your legs so that the penis skin and the scrotum are pulled back toward the base. It seems like the penis itself is stretched out, increasing its hardness and sensitivity. You may feel some pleasurable tautness caused by the stress added to the skin. As this feeling builds, you will feel a contraction-like movement within the testicles.

    2. Some people experience an ejaculation without penile glans stimulation. Sometimes, just the tension applied to the penile skin will cause ejaculation. However, if you feel the urge to ejaculate, this can easily be achieved through manual stimulation of the penis glans.

    3. You may also choose to have intercourse while using the Pro-State Massager . This kind of ejaculation should be the strongest. During the ejaculation, the strong orgasmic contractions will cause the Pro-State Massager to stroke the prostate and other vital sex organs with each contraction. This action will completely empty your prostate of fluid. The strength and the amount of the ejaculation will be far greater than that achieved by any other conventional sexual technique. 

    Optional Positions for Use
    1. In addition to the standard fetal or side position, experiment with these other positions. These positions can be incorporated into a system of improving overall health. Think in terms of Yoga for the prostate. 

    2. After insertion of the massager, lie down on your back. Place enough padding beneath the small of your back to elevate the pelvis significantly - approx. 6-10 inches, but experiment to discover what height is best for you. Make sure that the padding does not interfere with the handle of the massager. You still want to be able to control the action via anal contractions, therefore, the handle must not be constricted. Continue with standard contraction exercises, and experiment with maintaining a constant low-level minor contraction. Try to perform stronger contractions in a pulse-like manner. Arch your back, using your heels to help support your body weight. This exercise will also tone leg and stomach muscles. You may also wish to add gentle side-to-side or forward motions of the pelvis. 

    3. A kneeling position can also provide effective massage. On a soft surface, kneel down with the massager in place. Experiment with this kneeling position by stretching your hands all the way out in front of you so that they are on the floor (or bed) as well. Slowly move from this position up to an erect kneeling position (knees on the floor, back straight), taking time to stop and explore all of the intermediate positions in between. Now place your hands behind you with the fingers pointing backwards and begin to lean backwards in an attempt to form an arch with your body. Continue to breathe properly. For each new posture, slowly rotate and lift and lower the pelvis.

    *Note* Transitioning from one movement to the next should be performed slowly, with attention to detail for personal preferences. Also, continue with variable contractions and deep breathing throughout. Feel free to maintain any position for as long as you are comfortable or modify it to fit your ability.