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Foreplay and Postplay with the Aneros!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    Hi guys,

    I entitle this blog entry Foreplay and Postplay with the Aneros. I made some important discoveries with my Aneros Helix Syn this morning. For one thing, this morning is the first time I had an Aneros session on a Saturday morning. Saturday mornings my apartment building is exceptionally quiet. Most my fellow tenants sleep in late. Also few if any apartment building staff are on duty. I can make time for my Aneros and enjoy a slow, unhurried session which I did this morning. My session lasted about 90 minutes during which I focused upon my Aneros massaging my prostate. Boy, it felt so good!!! During pretty much the whole session, I also caressed my chest,abs, and thighs and also tweaked and pinched my nipples innumerable times. I made an important discovery during my session in that my both my nipples and thighs are hardwired to my prostate. While I worked those two areas of my body, I discovered in a profound way that I could stimulate my prostate directly.

    I had intended to have my Aneros session later Saturday night. But, I so was horny for my Aneros! My groin that that newly accustomed tightness filled with sexual energy centered in my prostate. I have developed an intense fetish my Aneros in recent weeks, because it has delivered for me intense sexual pleasure and well-being beyond compare. My body craved my Aneros and so did my prostate! In the last couple weeks, I discovered that I could have chairgasms without asking for them, and even induce them! How do I induce chairgasms and bedgasms? Well, I play out in my mind the pleasures I have derived from previous sessions. In a sense, I enter an Aneros trance through such reenactments in my mind of previous sessions during which pleasure is savored as rich chocolate or after dinner drink. All this is stored in both my mind and body, specifically in my prostate and other parts of my male sexual apparatus as well as my body in its entirely. All this fuels my foreplay.

    Now this morning just after my Aneros session, I took time to savor what I had just experienced physically and mentally in the session in itself. I call this extension of the Aneros session "postplay". This morning during postplay I was able to caress and massage those areas which I discovered are hardwired to my prostate. By caressing my thighs over and over again innumerable times, I discovered that I could excite and engorge my prostate sexually. My "erect", engorged and excited prostate gave me this morning a sexual sweetness beyond measure in the tightness my perineum at the base of my scrotum! Likewise, I discovered once again that I could induce or cause my "erect" prostate to produce the P-waves! I spent a good hour or more indulging in "postplay"!

    Most guys, certainly with their partners, spend time in foreplay before the main course of sexually activity is served, whether it be just masturbation or sexual intercourse. "Foreplay" enables a guy to "get it up" for sexual activity. But how many guys or even women indulge in postplay after masturbation or coital sex? I hope for now on that I can spend at least an hour or so after each Aneros session at least. I find postplay to be profoundly healing and self-affirmation for me as man. What do you all think?



  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33
    Yes, Thom! I couldn't put it better. I need to try the thigh play. I also find that I'm driven wild now by touching from my navel down to my penis, especially very light strokes which seem to activate the prostate. I can also say that I now enjoy post play with Mrs. S, as we can have that sweetness in between my dry orgasms. It's a wonderful world!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    @SaddleUp and all who are interested:

    I spent a good three hours in Postplay or Afterplay after my Helix Syn session last Saturday morning. I certainly discovered that my thighs are hardwired to my prostate! I noticed that both soft and hard caresses of that region of my body would cause my prostate to become engorged and harden up like a penis! That certainly felt real good!!! I focused upon the buzzing and mini P-waves centered in my prostate and surrounding groin. Also I caressed my chest, male breasts, and abs both continuously and periodically. My nipples are certainly hardwired to my prostate! Longtime Aneros Forum user bigguy (Lingman's blog) speaks much about all this on his exceeding hot blog!

    After returning home late Saturday afternoon from a mid afternoon lunch and some grocery shopping, I had another session of Postplay or Afterplay. In fact, I had several (though short) Saturday afternoon, even on Sunday morning! I think that Postplay or Afterplay is extremely helpful in reenacting or replaying what you have done in a previous Aneros session! I hope to do this often in the future!

    I leave you all with this thought: Explore your erogenous zones with your Aneros! 
  • Thom
    I totally agree with ur aneros experiences.  nips and inner (especially) thighs, as well as other erogenous spots  r direct electric line to prostate.  since aneros i have found so many hot spots on my body, some more than others of course.  sometimes even my whole body seems like one big cock.  right from the start of my aneros practice i have touched my body, eventually avoiding my prick cuz it almost always led to masturbation and ejaculation, which of course ended the session.  touching cock in very spots together with nips often, but not rubbing, again goes str8 to the prostate. unfortunately my sessions are usually timed for getting up time, so don't have much postplay, except the buzz and hornyness that last like the energizer bunny on and on.  I agree with SaddleUp and other members, what a wonderful world, and gratitude for our creator that we are indeed wonderfully made.  Praise god, and believe me i am not evangelical, or even consider myself religious, but a spiritual being that seems to me inseparable from the body, but being agnostic have no idea what death means, altho have seen the life leave someone many times when they die.  What the experience is like to the one who died i haven't a clue, and maybe no further self awareness experience at all, so live it up as long as u can is my motto.