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Introduction and First Post
  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33

    I wanted to say hello to everyone. I am SaddleUp, and this is my first posting. But I've been using my Aneros toys now since last Fall. For the first few months I just waited for something pleasant to happen, and got just enough favorable feedback to keep me interested. But at around 4 months of using the MGX things really started happening quickly. The first sign was how sensitive my nipples had become. I remember mentioning it to a buddy at work when I moved my phone in or out of my shirt pocket. It seems like within another month or so I was having my first dry orgasms. Imagine being 55 years old and never realizing that ejaculating and orgasms were separable. When I first read about that, I just instantly believed it. It was an epiphany and it helped explain small things I'd felt all my life, things I dismissed as distracting and suppressed.

    Over the next month the orgasms got stronger and I had very good sessions almost every time. I had a couple of sensations that were really memorable. The first, which I've continued to have regularly, was when I had an orgasm sensation that was so good that I began laughing and/or sobbing at the same time. I didn't know which one I was doing at first -- apparently I was laughing. It felt so good, but I eventually have learned that the laughing seems to stop the ride from getting any bigger/better. It's a real toss-up whether to let it crest there, or remain calm and take it higher.

    I did two things: I ordered the Helix Syn and I began learning KSMO. Practicing KSMO has really helped me a lot. I'm able to greatly increase my arousal, and continue building it up, up, up. With nipple stim by my wife and some "key sounds" I had my first dry orgasm with my wife present, then went on to have a great lovemaking session with her.

    Having a second Aneros was nice -- I could really feel different types of feeling with each, and it seems like I have a little different range of orgasm types with each.

    That was another new concept for me: to discover that there are different types of orgasms. Some of them feel warm and soothing, others are like spiky, electrical charges, some centered more in my stomach, others in my anus or balls, others clearly around the prostate. And I am continuing to find more and more erogenous "hot zones".

    This is a life-changing thing! Things that have helped me get to this point: more than anything, the very articulate members of this forum who have shared their experiences. I have read thousands of postings during the past year to learn as much as I can. Second, I got a nice bump up the ladder after purchasing Rumel's "Aerosession" recordings. Since then, I've worked on a music library with Kelly Howell's "Ecstasy," many albums of Liquid Mind and Steve Roach. And I got the iPhone app "i-Doser," recommended here in the forums. This really helps get me in a zone quickly. I can have a wonderful 15-minute Anerosless session almost every morning now.

  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    SaddleUp, thanks for that wonderful introduction and description of your progress. From your first post, it's obvious that you have much to offer the group, and I look forward to reading your observations.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi SaddleUp,

    I want to thank you for your first post here and the amazing progress that you have made with both the MGX and the Syn. It is an inspiration to beginners such as me who arrived here several weeks ago.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    It took me about 8 months, SaddleUp, before the first feelings started coming.  I remember my first super-O, not nearly as vivid and enjoyable as they are now, but so incredible feeling for the first time I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time too.

    It's so neat to work this into lovemaking with your wife.  The nipple stim puts me over the top too and after a few dry orgasms, traditional orgasm and ejaculation with her just feel just so incredible.  Believe me, you'll never run out of ways to enjoy this.
  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33
    Hi Slimjim. It's good to hear from you -- I've read many of your postings and noted some parallels in our respective journeys, and you've validated that again. I also learned from your postings about using vaseline. I've had good luck with that, coating my toy as well as a bit of my innards with vaseline. Then I use a bit of Astroglide over the top of the vaseline on the Aneros.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Appreciate that, SaddleUp.  Hope many good sensations keep coming your way.  Have to agree about the easily accessible lubricants like Vaseline and Astroglide or KY.  A thin coat of Vaseline to the anal canal and on the toy and then a little Astroglide or KY for slipperiness works out great and doesn't irritate.  Plus, with no injecting lube, absorption issues are less worrisome and you avoid the potential for a laxative effect.

    Neat about the nipples, isn't it?  Mine were as sensitive as a piece of rock before all this.  What fun it's been feeling all these neat sensations you never knew you were capable of.