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Aneros Helix Syn Session, July 20, 2012
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    Hi guys,

    I just cannot believe that my really first successful Aneros session occurred nearly a month ago early Sunday morning June 24. I may have had one or two sessions with the Aneros, but they were forgettable ones because I do not remember them. Plus we have had three major heatwaves so far this summer. We may have several more before September rolls around. Also I had volunteer work during the last month or so that  left me exhausted many days. Fortunately it ended several days ago.

    Finally a good buddy on had me promise to him this morning I finally had a session with the Aneros. So I devoted pretty much to masturbation and edging off and on leisurely today. I took several hours out of all this late this afternoon to listen to several programs on the radio and also to the news.

    Just after 7 p.m., I finally inserted the Aneros and began my session. At first, the insertion of this device felt uncomfortable and somewhat painful. I took a several minutes to get used to the Aneros once again after not using it regularly for a good month.

    After insertion, I placed my buttocks upon pillow to let my body get used to my Aneros Helix Syn. I did several Kegels to start my session in earnest, but mostly I relaxed and did some gentle breathing exercises. During all this I focused upon my entire male sexual apparatus.

    During this focusing upon where my maleness resides, I had in mind a cardinal rule for a successful Aneros session which I read at the Aneros web site and with buds who are advanced Aneros users. And that is to be sexually aroused when you use this prostate massager. Masturbation and edging (but not cumming) for an hour or longer are the keys for such success. I get horny when I think about what happened last night.

    I call this type of sexual arousal "priming the pump." So I picture my entire male sexual apparatus in its arousal in a expectant mood. A day or so of cum denial is good, but several days, perhaps a week of abstinence from a full-blown orgasm with ejaculation of semen is ideal. I "prime the pump" by masturbating and riding the wave of ejaculatory inevitability (sort of like surfing which is the essence of "edging") as an excellent preparation for a good Aneros session. Masturbation done in such a manner is meditation not only upon the prostate, testicles, penis, and ancillary organs of the male sexual apparatus, but at a deep level, you're making love to your body. Recently I have begun caressing other areas outside my groin. These areas are my hairy chest, nipples, abs, and hairy thighs. "Priming the pump" is also the essence of foreplay is not only a good prelude to a solo masturbation session and an Aneros session for a single guy. Foreplay is certainly essential for lovemaking with a partner.

    So while I did this sort of meditation upon my maleness, my body, and certainly my entire manhood, I also breathed deeply with the Aneros inserted and resting upon my prostate. This type of rhythmic breathing actually caused the Aneros to massage my prostate back and forth, over and over again. And bam it again happened! I began to experience P-waves which manifested in spasms centered in my prostate and the area surrounding it spreading out to my thighs and legs which began to thrash about and shake uncontrollably. First my P-series were mild, but I knew that I was on the way!

    Just like my Aneros session of June 24, I allowed myself to give into the P-waves and all that happened "down there." Next it seemed that my prostate was engorged. It even felt huge, almost like my erect penis! Now it seemed that my prostate was the center of action, even directing the action! Sort of like it was the director or even boss of what would come next! I continued my rhythmic breathing and the Aneros continued massaging my prostate over and over again! My prostate loved this type of attention. Maybe the Aneros was making love to my prostate and my prostate loved it! Not only was my prostate engorged and felt huge, but centered in my prostate and surrounded were buzzing, subtle, yet small P-waves, happening very quickly, vibrations, almost like electricity! It seemed that my prostate had become a motor! For a good 45 minutes I experienced this intensity. This intensity powered the series of larger P-waves reflected in the spasms and thrashings in my thighs and legs. During this block of time, I continued caressing my chest, abs, and thighs, and also tweaked and twisted my nipples. But still it seemed that the prostate was directing all this action!

    Finally as what I described in the above paragraph began winding down, I had another realization. It felt like my prostate was being fucked by the Aneros. It would be interesting to find out from other guys experienced in anal intercourse, if they have experienced this type of "fucking" from the Aneros. When I began to experience discomfort bordering on pain, I ended my session. All in all, the session must have lasted a good hour and half, probably two hours. I was so engrossed in the action and loving it so, that I lost all consciousness of time!

    Other realizations:

    (1) The Aneros in the nearly two months has revitalized my masturbation practice, so much so that I feel like a jack happy teenager again! I masturbate now everyday or try to. I am a morning guy, so generally I masturbate first thing in the morning, maybe for an hour or so. My masturbation practice also includes edging. Many guys on are experienced masturbators and have developed great control through surfing the wave of ejaculatory inevitability (edging). Ideally masturbation and edging with cum denial prepares me for a good session with the Aneros.

    (2) Indeed my use of the Aneros and a good masturbation practice are symbiotic. The Aneros fuels my masturbation, and masturbation with edging "primes the pump" for the Aneros!

    (3) Both masturbation and the Aneros are confidence building activities. Together they foster good physical, mental, and emotional health. And both enable me to have good sex with a partner. Where would I be if I didn't have masturbation and the Aneros? Both also cost very little and are simple pleasures of life!

    I wish to thank my good buddies on who are experienced Aneros users or have heard about it. They have the handles of Jackoff, Matt1008, Matt82, Hanlon, bstnjacker, macer8, and other hot guys. Also my good buddy, Linghaman (who is known as bigguy on has recounted his Aneros experiences in detail in his blog on the Net. All these guys have inspired and encouraged me to use the Aneros prostate massager.

    For now on, I hope to have an Aneros session just about every other day or so!

  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    BigGlans, thanks for describing your joyride! I was with you all the way and inspired by the details, just as you have been inspired by your buddies. 

    Like you, I seem to have a session almost nightly in recent weeks. At bedtime, I think I'll skip a session and fall asleep immediately when my head hits the pillow ... then my mind invariably wanders to the Aneros, my ass signals desire, my dick starts agreeing -- and I think, OK, I'll give in to the urge again -- but just for a little while.  :-)  As the Aneros glides into position, like a finger inside a warm glove, the pleasant sensations begin immediately. Following the initial session of an hour or so, I usually wander in and out of sleep for a couple more hours before finally removing the Aneros for a night of totally restful sleep. What a routine!   
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi Keoke,

    Thank you very much your kind and polite response.

    I am intrigued by your using the Aneros around bedtime and sleeping with it still inserted. I hear quite a few guys fall asleep with the Aneros still inserted. Some of them have had erotic dreams as a result. Do you ever dream when you sleep with the Aneros still inserted. I may try this for myself some day soon.

    Now for an explanation of my Internet handle or 'nom de plume', BigGlansDC signifies that I have a large glans penis when I am erect and DC says that I live in our nation's capital here in the USA :-)

    Some years ago when I was interested in the subject of circumcision, I focused upon my glans and how it has given me exquisite pleasure over the years. About this time as I reflected upon the human penis and ancillary male sexual organs, I came up with a theory called the "The Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure." A guy's penis is an axis with the glans at one pole and the prostate at the opposite pole. So when a guy masturbates, sexual pleasure emanates in the glans, travels down his penile shaft, and ends up in his prostate from where the pleasure travels back up his penis to his glans, up and down, over and over again. That is what masturbation and coitus is all about.

    For many years, I have focused upon my glans. But now recently with the Aneros, I have focused my prostate and all the pleasure it has for me! 
  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Hi again, Big!  I won't ask how big, but it's certainly a nice handle to have.   :-)

    Like you, I spent years focused entirely on various aspects of the penis. As a boy, I thought its functions were miraculous, and the mysteries continue. I simply love everything about it.  :-)   With a full-length mirror in my bedroom, I'd watch myself masturbate, the movement of my balls when loose and tightening with ejaculation. During the day, I can recall many times drawing my balls up to replicate cuming, holding them as long as I could, and working myself up for masturbation later. I wanted to know whether I could induce an orgasm without touching myself. That usually ended with masturbation, too, but the focus and exercises were beneficial. I could mentally control erections, and prolong the time to ejaculation to match my partners, to some extent  -- not always totally successfully, of course. My massage therapist even remarked that I could bring on erections upon demand. After my first visit, he didn't require me to be draped, and I'll admit focusing on the erections at opportune times. But I digress ....   :-)

    I do think my boyhood focus on hands-free orgasms, while not usually successful, did help in training all the moving parts of the sexual stimulus-response mechanisms. And the Aneros is the next logical step in stimulation, moving as your suggested, from glans focus to prostate focus -- or perhaps just expanding the focus.

    Thanks for asking about Aneros-ing while sleeping.  :-)  I sleep alone, so bedtime is the best time for me to have Aneros sessions. It's quiet and peaceful and I can focus on the sensations for a while, then practice relaxing with the Aneros inserted until I drift into sleep. BTW, I don't moan or flounce around much during Aneros sessions, so I don't worry about disturbing anyone else. So far I haven't slept all night with the Aneros in. After two or three hours, I usually wake with a little soreness, or totally aroused sexually by the titillation from the Aneros, so I either jack off (only rarely) or more likely remove it for more restful sleep. Re dreams, I've never recalled my dream life very well, but I have noticed an increase in nude or sexually charged situations with other men. I don't recall specifics, though, like actually participating in sex or having a wet dream.

    Do you recall dreams vividly? If so, I'd be interested in how your dreams may be affected if/when you do sleep during a few sessions. 

  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi Keoke,

    If you must address me by my handle or 'nom de plume', please use BigGlansDC or just call me Thom. :-)
    I settled upon BigGlansDC early on in my Internet experience in contacts with guys mostly into sexual matters. BigGlans of course indicates that I have a large glans and DC indicates that I live in Washington, DC.

    I am impressed by how you developed mental control over your erections and even ejaculations. What you describe above seems to me that you may have been practicing the Kegel Exercises for a long time in order to gain such control. I am sure that all this made you a great lover over the years.

    You wrote:

    "I do think my boyhood focus on hands-free orgasms, while not usually successful, did help in training all the moving parts of the sexual stimulus-response mechanisms. And the Aneros is the next logical step in stimulation, moving as your suggested, from glans focus to prostate focus -- or perhaps just expanding the focus."

    I like very much how you express yourself in the above paragraph. Many guys, including you, in the Aneros discussions here speak much of focus. Focus for me at a deep level is a key to a successful Aneros session. What do you think?

    You also wrote:

    "Re dreams, I've never recalled my dream life very well, but I have noticed an increase in nude or sexually charged situations with other men. I don't recall specifics, though, like actually participating in sex or having a wet dream."

    I am glad that you are paying to your dreams as you wear your Aneros to bed.

    As regards my own dream life, I don't remember my dreams particularly well. But when I was in Jungian psychoanalysis during the years of 1988-1991, I had to take down my dreams in a notebook for analysis and discussion in my psychoanalytic sessions.

    Take care,


  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Thom it is, and thanks for your comments. Yes, I do think that focus helps. My goal was always to please my partner, so controlling my responses was key. I'd like to think I'm a great lover, but don't we all? :-)  I do my best.

    Re dreams, I occasionally recall brief segments of a dream, but seldomly enough to put into coherent thoughts or words when I awake.