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The problem of chasing bigger and better Os
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    I was just thinking.. we can waste a lot of time and life by concentrating on getting the better and the bigger orgasms.. Why can't we just enjoy what we've got? It shouldn't be about the quantity but the quality and the ability to enjoy the very moment. This way of thinking wouldn't separate a mini-O from a super-O etc.. they're all the same-- pleasure. Please post if you have any further ideas about this :)


  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Kev, I agree with you. I've been thinking along the same lines. For me, every experience is different, but all are  pleasurable. Of course I thoroughly enjoy reading others' experiences, even in great detail, but I'd be hard-pressed to define any of the more "technical" terms that are used to describe them. I try to avoid concern over whether I'm having a Super This or a Super Duper That.  :-)  If I'm not where I want to be, or where someone else may be, I'll get there in time -- but I'm having too much fun to allow the pursuit of the ultimate to spoil the fun!    
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Kev & Keoke,

    Congratulations for grasping a fundamental concept of your Aneros journey, namely enjoying the process without expectations. It is when you live in the moment that you will experience the most pleasure. It doesn't really matter if you have a Super-O or not, it is the moments of feeling your body responding in all the marvelous subtle ways it does that provides the real satisfaction.

    IMHO, the Super-O as a phenomenon has been inflated by hyperbole to mythic status, especially for those who have not yet experienced it. Only the individual can determine if he has or has not had the experience. You often hear accounts of extraordinary Anerosessions by men who don't believe they have had a Super-O, even though in my interpretation they have, in fact, experienced it. It just wasn't what they thought it would be because they are holding onto some mythic standard they may never be able to obtain.

    'Kev', in another of your threads, you said "Defining a Super O is actually quite difficult. it means different things for different people." That is a very true statement, but fortunately, if we hold to the WIKI definition of a Super-O at least we have a common basis for understanding. That definition allows for a lot of leeway in what constitutes a Super-O. About the most restrictive attribute in the definition is that it be a non-ejaculatory event. The other important qualifier is that it be "an orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference." So, given that, if you are having dry-O's and experiencing altered states of consciousness, I'd say you are having Super-O's, it is really that simple. You don't have to be experiencing body quaking spasms (though those can occur) or uncontrolled leg and arm twitching (though those can occur too) or any number of other reported effects to qualify your orgasm as a Super-O, so why even be concerned about it?

    'Keoke' I agree with you "...
    I'm having too much fun to allow the pursuit of the ultimate to spoil the fun!" Just allowing each Anerosession to unfold as it may is pleasure enough.
    VibesGood Vibes to You ! Vibes

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    I have been coming to the conclusion that the pleasure I get from my aneros eupho and helix is sometimes akin to a dry-orgasm or mini-Os or whatever, but having read Rumel's second from last paragraph, I had a cold shivering sensation, because I now realise that my experiences seem to go beyond that - especially the altered states of consciousness - not a major thing for me yet, but pretty obvious to me occasionally.

    I have expressed the opinion elsewhere, that there is a continuum of experiences with no clear distinction between mini-Os, Dry Os, and Super Os.  This is reinforced but what I consider to be my steady progress, so that I don't actually realise that I have achieved another milestone.  This makes it difficult for people who like me, enjoy classifying and charting progress, but in this case it is definitely best to just enjoy the sensations, and eventually, things will become clearer.  We need a little faith.

    On a side note, it seems obvious that others have had major leaps forward, and sometimes backwards, and this somewhat more erratic progress does lead to the impression that the classifications we use are tightly defined instead of merging into one another.  To such people there undoubtedly feels like there is a barrier to continued progress, rather like getting over the "point of no return" for ejaculatory orgasms.  I don't really believe this, but am happy that guys do actually get there, even if they can't always replicate it.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Kev - I have found this thread to be very relevant for me.

    I think it is natural for us to want to classify, compare, sequence, and make sense out of something new, and outside of our previous experience. Some people really struggle with something new if they can't. We seem to have tapped into an experience that is so personal, that it nearly prevents broad classification.

    I recently gave up trying to decide if I've had a Super O as classically described. I'm pretty sure I am since my repeatable experiences are way outside anything I've known previously. I came to the same conclusion; to just enjoy the sensations given to me as they are presented.

    I think that now I'm not chasing a goal, I am freed to experiment without fear of missing something. That in of itself has helped.

    Thank you all for your posts on this topic.

  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
  • Well put. I capture the moment and lose myself in it. That is how I learned how to have MMO without anything but my mind.