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Do P-Waves plateau for you?
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Doing nothing or encouraging involuntary contractions - it can feel great. That sense of adrenaline building up, feeling like you're short of breath, breathing faster and faster. Pleasure can just ramp up.

    BUT, are there moments where it feels like your mind or body can't seem to 'take it'? Where a muscle, bone or anything just starts to twitch out of the intensity? (Thus cancelling the pleasure out, sort of)

    This seems to be the case with me. Before, doing nothing was awesome - adrenaline (p-waves) arose more and more like a roller coaster ride. They'd eventually hit a peak where they couldn't any higher however. And now these days, doing nothing brings on pleasure very quickly but the difference here is that I just start to twitch and shake before long - almost like, as mentioned, my body/mind can't handle it.

    Pleasure never goes beyond a certain point (not that high) before I start to tense up. I try and keep myself limp and still but it's all out of feeling like it's too much - like I'm making myself tense intentionally. Anyone else seem to get this?

    Thanks - and excuse yet another question from me!

    Note: this isn't like the involuntary leg twitching some get during the journey.
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    I don't get muscles twitching intensely (other than involunaries, and one-off twitches of other parts), but what I do get is this sensation of being overwhelmed by arousal where my whole body tenses up, I sometimes feel a faint feeling of nausea/butterflies, I clamp down on the Aneros (which sometimes pushes it out), and I kind of arch my torso upwards, but the climax doesn't happen. I don't cross over into a dry o, mini o, or super o, I just kind of plateau and start back from zero again.

    Now granted, it only takes a little bit to reach that point again, but that's still as far as I can get! And it's not a particularly pleasurable thing - it's a bit like a traditional orgasm in the sense that it signals the end of one wave of building arousal, but it's not that pleasurable in itself, just kind of frustrating. I can have several of these in one session now.

    I've tried to work on staying relaxed and not attaching any sort of expectations of excitement ("here we go! maybe this is finally it!") to them, and just focus on breathing deep, but it doesn't really seem to work.

    For me, more than anything else, my Aneros journey has been about exercising self control in the face of immense arousal/temptation to masturbate traditionally once I reach a certain level. Maybe viewing porn during my sessions is what's causing this (that, and being involuntarily celibate in my sex life...)
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    I find this very interesting, because I have quite a bit of leg and abdominal muscle shaking, occasionally joined or replaced by upper body and arm shaking, and twitches of lips, facial muscles, and feet.  I have read others say, elsewhere in the forum, that these shakes/twitches cancel out progress, yet this in not my own observation.  I don't usually start with any shaking, but as the sensations grow during a session, the shakes start as a "low rumble" and eventually grow to a high pitched storm.  But they are not continuous.  I get them for say 5 minutes (the time varies) and I find them quite enjoyable in themselves.  Then they stop - usually fairly abruptly, and there follows a period of calm, and THEN an almight involuntary contraction and p-wave (possibly a mini-orgasm) takes my breath away.  I have been learning how to breath through these, and now more involuntaries follow, or they piggy-back on top of each other.  Eventually they stop, and the shaking restarts, but with even more vigour, and a few minutes down the line, there is the period of calm again, and then even stronger involuntaries etc.  I have followed these sensations without being critical of them, and now I am at the stage where I get occasional erections with precum flow, and a building sensation that I am about to cum.

    Over time, even with all my shaking, I do not see a plateau of p-wave intensity, but a steadily growing intensity.  Is is possible Dark Engine, that your perceived plateau is just the stage where you are at, and that the twitching you refer to is not to blame, but an intrinsic part of the process?

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    tiery - the urge to maturbate is a stage that I have gone through.  Now I tend to know when the ideal time for my aneros session is, and I also get so much out of a session that I am not tempted to masturbate instead.  Before it was always a payoff between being too horny and needing to wank, and not horny enough and the aneross session not working very well, and I could never seem to get it right.  We are so used to using our cocks for sexual gratification, that it is one of the hardest habits to unlearn.

    Since I started using my aneros, I now masturbate less than I used to.  This is partly that I want to save myself for the aneros, but also I think I genuinely have focussed on something deeper and ultimately more gratifying.  I think defeating the urge to masturbate instead of having a session is all part of the learning process - and as we move on, this dissipates.  This doesn't mean that I don't wank or have sex, just that now the interval is dictated by when I have had an aneros session, rather than that the aneros sessions are spaced to fit in with my other sexual needs.

  • KevKev
    Posts: 87

    Thanks for discussing this topic guys! Linum I'm glad for you! just keep it up :) Right now I can totally relate to this frustration what you are talking about DarkEngine! I can also feel the intense energy build up, but can't really find it enjoyable at the moment. :/ I wish I could find the deeply satisfying and emotional orgasms again! right now they feel like emotionless jerk-offs. Or maybe it's just a period which will pass eventually.. I got very satisfying orgasms a couple of weeks ago.. maybe I'm starting to have expectations again. and that's why I can't find the build up pleasurable right now..

  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Linum: It's not a part of the process - but I do know where you are coming from. Tingling and such occurs when I stay perfectly still, but shaking and twitching often distracts the sensations away - which is an issue since the shaking is a result from the good feelings.

    Still will keep practicing. ATM I'm going back to basics and reading the wiki again since I think I'm too penile centred during my sessions. Need to look deeper!
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    All I was saying was that all that shaking etc, does appear to be part of the process for me.  I accept that others are likely to experience things differently.  That's life I guess - lol

    Good luck DarkEngine.

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    My own opinion is that the mechanism of shaking is akin to the energy from the stimulation finding some outlet... any outlet, like a spark trying to find a grounding point. With practice that energy goes into sustaining the sensations rather than grounding itself in shaking.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Whoops - sorry Linum!
    I meant not a part of the process for me specifically - I worded it wrong there. You are absolutely right otherwise, and thanks for the support!

    And twlltin, that's actually more or less spot on with me. Sensations do often go higher if I really try and stop myself from even jolting a little and stay limp.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I shall keep an eye on my shaking, now that there is a possibility they are shorting me out - lol  Thanks to twlltin and DarkEngine for their comments, and for making me laugh!
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    For me, the shaking is a means to an end; the shaking feels good, and causes the Aneros to move about, touching the prostate, stimulating it to O, which feels REALLY good.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I have noticed that the shaking causes my eupho to tickle the prostate - so I guess I don't need to be too worried about trying to stop it then?  I do find it intrinsically enjoyable as well.
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Hmm.. The body shakes can actually relax all the muscles quite well,, the feelings emerging after the shaking may be more powerful because of the deep relaxation..
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    And coincidentally, that's what occurred in my session last night. As with what Linum said, when the pleasure has reached the right point in the correct way, shaking will often start a warm swelling feeling in my pelvic region. That feeling felt reminiscent of nearing an orgasm of a Super T.

    I guess shaking is appropriate when it:
    1. Brings a surprise pleasure. (Similar to the reason for changing positions, perhaps)
    2. When things progress, it anchors the sensations in the right place. 
    Otherwise when it's purely involuntary (such as jolts and spams), more often than not it'll just distract and topple any building sensations and focus - for me, at least!

    Saying that, an intriguing thought hit me last night: building to a Super-O has the same principle as building to ejaculation? Specifically, masturbating could be seen as an automated orgasm since pleasure is simply provided by touch of the penis, and it gets to a point where the muscles orgasm and let loose, right? 

    So is the build up to a Super-O on the same lines, except instead of a penile sensation leading to orgasm it's instead anal/prostate sensations? In other words, masturbating with the anus/rectum to an extent.

    It occurred to me when I was surfing on Super-Ts trying to figure out where similarities could be, for sake of milestone progress. It struck me that masturbation (with Aneros, at least) and p-waves build up lead to the same thing: swelling of the prostate gland. (Bear in mind, though, this probably wouldn't of been the case had it not been supplemented by erotic imagery)

    In fact, when touching the penis I hit me that the same factors of nearing a Super-O occurred: bearing down, strong anal contraction being held for a while and PC muscles going nuts - abdomen also feeling like its inflating with pleasure.

    I may be completely wrong, having not experienced a Super-O yet, but it does correspond with what the wiki has been advising. ("Pleasurable sensations trump all)
  • Sorena_Sorena_
    Posts: 454
    this plataue seems much lower than usual but it also happens so much quicker, my arousla drops off too much quicker, i dont understand how or why but its got to the point where i think something is wrong, mentally or physically, perhaps a deficiency of nutrients?

  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 750
    twlltin said:

    My own opinion is that the mechanism of shaking is akin to the energy from the stimulation finding some outlet... any outlet, like a spark trying to find a grounding point. With practice that energy goes into sustaining the sensations rather than grounding itself in shaking.

    I totally agree. Great description of the principle.

    Normally, no shaking and no plateau... But hey, nobody can be perfect all the time.

    The solution is training. The more intensity you can ignore, the more intensity you get.