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Finally an Aneros Helix Syn Session, June 24, 2012
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hello everybody:
    I posted this under General Discussions several weeks ago here. Today I am posting it again under Testimonials. CT in an e-mail to me recently suggested that I do this. This post is taken from a blog entry taken from my Google blogspot, AnerosUserInWashDC.
    "A gap of ten days has occurred since my last entry to this blog on June 15. Not only has summer officially arrived with the summer solstice last Wednesday but also with the arrival of oppressively hot summer last week. We had a high of 97 last Wednesday and a record breaking 100 last Thursday. Since then the temperatures have backed down to 90 degree level just barely. But the fiercely hot temperatures will return later this week along with high humidity and fiercely direct sunshine.

    "Needless to say I didn't have an Aneros session since early Friday morning June 15. In that session, I explored the Aneros in various poses all the while Kegeling away. But a good buddy on BateWorld who is an experienced Aneros user told me that was the wrong way to go. He urged me to begin an Aneros session by focusing on relaxing and  breathing exercises aimed at the lower part of my body, more specifically in the areas surrounding my prostate. So that's what I did 2:30 a.m. this morning when I began my session. I had to remind myself that as I had inserted the Aneros into my rectum and have it rest upon my prostate. When I did that the miraculous happened!

    "In my relaxation and breathing exercises during which I focused upon my rhythm, I imagined the Aneros moving in and out, and back and forth across my prostate. Oh yes, I did Kegel a bit, but very gently and in tempo with both the relaxation and breathing. Then it happened! The P-waves began. They became a series that continued very much like a series of gentle waves crashing upon the seashore. The waves that crash upon the shores of the world's oceans continue endlessly, very much like the tides. Such is what happened earlier this morning.

    "These series of P-waves also were manifested in my thighs and even with my legs twitching and thrashing about, coming and going, and all so pleasurable! I began to notice that the Aneros indeed was massaging my prostate, over and over again! It seemed so sexual, even more than sexual, to notice this happening. I get a hardon just thinking about it! But this is what happens when two lovers make love. They hug and kiss over and over again! They do not want it to stop. That is foreplay if they are seriously of having sex. And then there is the fucking and sucking which serious lovers want to enjoy by allowing the lovemaking to be leisurely and unhurried, taking their time to go to the mount of sexual release, a climax of orgasmic pleasure! So was my experience this morning. It lasted a good two hours at least!

    "Most of the P-wave series were centered in the area of the prostate. They were all so subtle, but certainly there! Almost like miniquakes centered or located in a volcano that is about to erupt! I was fascinated that they would come and go in duration and intensity. It seemed that these miniquakes of P-waves were part of a motor of pleasure located in and around my prostate as the Aneros massaged it. Damn, the thoughts of all this is giving me a boner! So I could control the massaging motion of the Aneros, and yet, I had to let go, let the Aneros do its job for me. Also I had to just be open to whatever pleasure or revelations my session would present me. For, it was absolutely exciting, and even as I write this, it is still so!

    "So it seemed that I had series of episodes of twitching, convulsing, and thrashing about of my thighs and legs which would come and go over and over again! I lose count of them. In a way, I may have experienced a series of dry orgasms. But what I experienced was certainly pleasurable, exciting, and enjoyable. Another spin off! My penis emitted during much of the session this morning a steady stream of precum. A couple times my penis was engorged, even erect, and my glans was plump, moist with precum!  So early this morning was a breakthrough. I am well on the way to higher and more fulfilling experiences with the Aneros! I can't wait for Tuesday night to arrive!

    "P.S. I forget to mention that for most of my session with the Aneros early this morning, I lied down with my upper part of my butt on a pillow and my legs splayed apart on both my feet on my futon for support. The Aneros web site mentions that one can have Aneros sessions in the other poses which I have described in previous entries of this blog. So that gives the Aneros such versatility for the sessions to go wherever they may go, the Aneros prostate massager being my guide and coach! :-)."
    I also posted this blog entry on my blog on BateWorld. Several of my buddies there were impressed by my posting. However several have given me a couple words of advice for a successful Aneros session: (1) If you are tired or ill, you will not have a good Aneros session. (2) Being sexually aroused will enable you to use the Aneros successfully and pleasurable.
    I am still very much in a learning phase with the Aneros. Washington, DC, where I live, has had two major heatwaves recently.Another one is about to commence. Excessive heat not only puts a crimp in my masturbation practice. It also is a big distraction or obstacle when I try to use the Aneros.

  • Wow!  Great writing.  Very descriptive.  Unfortunately with ED i don't get erections easily.  Usually need to use a pump.  Butt this has me dripping profusely.  Luv the analogy of luvers making luv, butt the difference with Aneros that the orgasms can keep being repeated.  I suppose if one cums hands free during a session it ends the session as masturbation ejaculation does.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Thank you, Paul. Thank you for your compliments and encouragement. Soon later tonight, I hope to have a long overdue Aneros session. I haven't had one for several weeks now due to the excessive heat here.
  • i'm unclear how to access your blog.  Wud u plz give the url or how else other?
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Here it is, Paul: AnerosUserInDC.

    BTW, Do you or other people here know where are the blogs section of, or if that section will be restored?

  • Hey Thom,

    Thanks for sharing your aneros experience.  You are well on your way to more, bigger and pleasureable experiences.  Keep at it.  So good to read it.

    I too hope they restore the blogs.  And if they do, restore all of the previous entries.


  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Thank you, Jason, and thank you for your words of encouragement in my use of the Aneros!