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Newbie Needs Some Advice
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Hi everyone, i am after some advice and help from experienced guys. I am on medication for anxiety/stress and i am a smoker and i also work nights. Will this effect how the Aneros will work for me? I have also read that you really need to be at your best to use the Aneros.
    When i finish my night shift i feel a little groggy, but not tired, as i drink lots of coffee. My body is still on a high and i cannot sleep until the afternoon.
    I am thinking of purchasing the Aneros Syn as a first purchase, but if medication will effect the use of the Aneros and my working nights and smoking, then i would not want to waste my money.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    There are many reasons we purchase an Aneros. It is hard to see from your question what you are wanting to achieve. The whole Aneros prostate awakening process can take a long time. Too high an expectation can lead to frustration. Strangely I have gone back to a SGX. After six months I get a nice connection with my prostate and a few flutterings. Just trying to help you clarify your aim and to share my timeline.
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Hey zang,

    I can certainly recommend you to buy one!!! so just GO FOR IT!!  I understand your concern about the medication.. I don't have any experience of using anxiety meds, but what I have heard they might affect the response of your nervous system at least a little.. About the session time: just listen to your body.. have a session when your body and mind are active and awake.. never have a session when you're exhausted..  though you don't need to be super prepared for each session.. sessions should never get that serious! :D all the best,

  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Thankyou guys, my aim is to create new and pleasurable feelings and see where it leads. I have used sex toys/aids in the past for matsturbation purposes. The tablets i take effect my sex drive and i don't often feel in an erotic state. I have read comments that if one is taking tablets for anxiety/ depression, then the Aneros is less lightly to have any effect.