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so close yet so far... frustration
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    I've never had a super o, or anything that felt good like even a traditional orgasm with aneros.  However my last few uses I have felt what I can best describe as what feels like an approaching orgasm...   Almost as soon as I insert the mgx it starts moving on it's own.  I don't even bother with contractions.  It starts moving, I get erect, it starts to feel good.  I almost get the feeling of being on the tip of an orgasm, like you are getting ready to cum....  And then it sits there...  and fades away and I spend an hour waiting for it to return only to end the session a little sore and frustrated...  Any advice?
  • Sounds to me that u r on your way.  I know this is not recommended while u are getting rewired to prostate sensitivity away from cock sensitivity that we are habituated to.  I will just tell u my experience.  At first almost every session i wud end with traditional masturbation.  I think the organism, which is definitely stronger than before aneros, helped me to feel the sensitivity in the prostate during masturbation.  We r all different, butt perhaps more alike than unalike.  I almost never end the session with masturbation now.  Suffering (and i mean that word) from ED i now find extreme cock pleasure doing Mangina.  Can't be done with an erection so perfect for me, with or w/o aneros in.  Maybe more with it in, but i really can't say for sure.  I also can't discern much difference in using all the numerous models i use.  All r wonderful, and each session more pleasurable than the previous.  Mind blowing.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    I agree with Paul. You are way on your way! Let the Aneros do its job and take you wherever it desires!
  • MixedMixed
    Posts: 3
    At least you've been able to get that so far, a few tries in and still looking for the spot haha
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    My sessions are often at their best starting out like that as well - though not the extent you mentioned with the erection and edge of glorgy, except maybe once. Might be the position and initial 'shock'.

    You're probably on the same boat as me in not knowing what the prostate feels like - or rather how to sense it. Everything else feels pretty good, such as PC and anal contraction but yeah.