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Some progress.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 257
    Lately I have been having a very good time with the Aneros. This forum has been a great help too. I have two instruments, the Eupho  and the  MGX. I seem to prefer the Eupo as I get a better response from it. I have discovered the very delicate balance and application of anal and PC contractions. IMHO doing nothing and waiting can be frustrating so I like to give it a nudge. The slightest anal contraction seem to get thing going beginning with pleasure waves. But a subtle change to a PC contraction and very slight increase seems to send me off on a wonderful trip. It is important to hols the contraction at the same level here and not to increase it. A P-wave causes a surge to the penis and this in turn causes another P-wave which again gives a further filling to the penis which then get harder and harder with an aching tingling pulsating joy . I am in heaven then. It's not a Super-O but I don't mind that. The sheer pleasure I experience is just fantastic and I can't wait for it to happen again. If I let it subside, I can start the whole process again and again. It may be though, that I get stuck at this level and hinder progress to the Super-O. Any ideas. Thanks.