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Had a break through but still not sure what it was
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    Alright well for the very first time after a session I felt really excited. I have been trying with the aneros on and off for a few years. Mostly off. I have been using more frequently lately and mostly focused on relaxing, not doing the contractions and just seeing what happend.

    I have found that the session is like two steps forward, one step back. Within a minute of putting the aneros in it starts moving on it's own, getting my very errect, and then.... it stops... Normall I would grow frustrated and stop the sesson or try to force contractions. I stopped doing that. Now it starts great, peaks, and then starts up again growing better each time.

    This last time I pictured in my head how it felt near orgasm while masterbating. I focused on that physical feeling. I felt my legs get tense, my stomach grow tense, and then i very strong contraction happend like durring orgasm. Now instead of many contractions it was just one long one. Like my rear clamped down on the aneros.

    I won't lie and say it was better than a traditional orgasm. It wasn't. Now if it had kept contracting it could have been I don't know. The long contraction might have been 10 to 15 seconds. I sat and waited again but was pretty tired after having it. Was this a dry O, or the beggining of one?
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    alright well I was looking through the wiki and have come to the conclusion I had a "mini O". It's def a step in the right direction because it's the first time I've had anything like that happen.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, jja.

    Mini-O or whatever, don't worry about definitions. If it felt good, it will happen again and go on from there. Next time, try to "un-tense" your body when you feel like muscles are contracting. You'll find that your body will do its own thing, without you controlling the process.

    Best Regards,

  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    Funny, jja, I just had this same thing happen to me last night. It was almost painful in a way - I felt some mild nausea in my stomach - but I think those are just the butterflies people have mentioned when they're getting close.

    I'm so excited, I think we're both pretty close to crossing over now. I'm getting close to one year of Aneros use so it would make a nice anniversary :)

    Regardless my sessions have been consistently awesome for a while now, even without the major fireworks.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    jja - I get the same as you - they are certainly very intense and make me gasp for air. I can get 30 or 40 in a session like this - and although there is a sense of increasing wellbeing through a session with these, there hasn't been any progression from here for a while. The whole thing for me has been "sharpened" by a change from the heix, which was wonderful, to a eupho which is driving me mad with the intensity of the sensations it is generating!

    I shall listen to ten_s_nut, and try to untense next time.