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Screaming HypnAerosession
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Last night I had an opportunity to have the whole house for myself.. FINALLY! I purchased the HypnAerosession and tried it out.. The beginning is obviously for beginners since it sticks to the relaxation aspect and waking up your prostate for a long period of time.. but it works for more advanced users also! anyways.. I had a wonderful session once again, this time I was able to let it go completely, also vocally, since I knew nobody was able to hear me. I was literally crying and screaming my lungs off at one point of the session!!!!! , it felt SOO relieving but a bit scary at the same time. I usually need to force myself to stay discreet during my sessions because of my apartment's bad sound insulation. This time I was spending time somewhere else so this wasn't a problem.. I love the aspect of letting it all go!! How vocal do you guys get usually???