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Interesting Chat Topics Recap
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Tonight we had a number of senior members online in the chat room. Several topics were discussed that I think new users may find useful. I am just figuring these out myself and it was great to have them validated by a group of experienced members. I apologize to the contributors if I have misrepresented anything.

    With permission, among the more interesting topics:

    It seems to be the consensus that tensing the leg muscles to any degree can shut down the all important involuntaries and diminish progress. Being “limp” is good. It took me a long time for these to develop, and I think tensing my leg muscles without realizing it was the reason.

    Tightening the Glutes and/or Quads can bring on the shakes. Relaxing can slow them down or stop them. It was agreed that they tend to be more prevalent if you are on your back. From personal experience, have fun by modulating the intensity of the tremors by tightening and relaxing.

    One member offered; “Passivity is counter-intuitive for the traditional male sexual mode. Allow the timid deer walk up to you; pursue it and it dashes away”. The importance of relaxing and breathing is becoming very clear to me now due to the discussion of the previous two topics. It is so easy, and feels so good, to tense the muscles, yet it can really stop progress. I found that focusing on breathing can help keep muscles relaxed.

    Developing a routine seemed to be common. Some had different routines for different Aneros models. On the other hand, if something starts to feel good, it was suggested to follow it and create a new routine. There was agreement, that finding a routine, takes individual experimentation.

    If you have opinions about these topics, please chime in. I highly recommend joining the chats if you haven’t yet. Don’t be shy. They are frequented by engaging people, discussing interesting topics - sometimes even Aneros!