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Tiredness - lack of experience or wrong tecnique?
  • cyberlohcyberloh
    Posts: 1
    hello everybody,

    i'm using my helix for about one month already, i tried different time shedules for my sessions - every day, several times a day, once per several days. since the first tries where i feeled nothing other than piece of plastic inserted in me i made a good progress little by little - first feelings, first erections, first slignt enjoyments. all this wasn't really much for me and one day i tried to combine my session with smoking some hashish and i got my first muscule spasms and waves of great enjoy wich made me almost scream! it was so great i couldn't just believe myself that my body even can feel this. so i learned to feel this, evety time it seemed to me that i'm on the edge of O, but every time i could pass deeper and deeper and it was not orgasm wich i expected. one of last session finished with O, but i would assume it as Super T, at some moment i just started to make fast movements like i'm making crazy sex, and my penis rubbed my hip gently, so i guess it was the real reason of the O. anyway i was happy - i never even could imagine such a great load of cum, it made a pool on my bed! :) btw, i feel one thing during every session and it worries me much: as i'm going deeper and deeper while my sessions and getting more and more pleasure i'm getting more and more strain in my body, most of it is located at my stomach muscules, more pleasure makes my pelvis rise up higher, and higher, and higher - and at some point i just can't keep it any more and have to stop somewhere near to my O. i've noticed that i can manipulate this strain and direct it to different parts of my body - back, hips, anus, but it not feels as good as when it is in my stomach. i can stop this strain mentally just by cancelling listening to some feelings, but i stop enjoying then. does anyone knows if it's ok or not - enjoying makes me terrifically tired, should i keep myself relaxed and wait for something other that strain to happen or should i strain my muscules more ane more each session to make them more and more trained?