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HELP!!! New user finally making some progress BUTT what's next?
  • So I've had my aneros for a couple months now and finally the other day I started to make progress. I believe I started to have involuntary contractions from what I read from other users. I tried some of the contraction techniques that other users suggested by contracting only about half way and the next thing you know my anus started spasming and out of the blue I began to have what I believe were involuntaries. For a good while they lasted and I began to learn how to control them. After a little while I began to have pre-cum and some pretty good pleasure but nothing amazing. I finally ended my session with a regular orgasm since the involuntaries didnt lead to anything else. I thought about my first real progress for the rest of the day and the whole next day and as soon as I got home from work I had to have another session. Remembering what I did the previous session I began to have involunatries again almost immediately and after about an hour or so I again ended my session with a regular orgasm. So now for the question part. First question is have I been experiencing involuntaries? Next question is what do i do next to get more pleasure? Final question is how do i begin to have dry os and the magnificent SUPER O?