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Tenga Egg Mastorbator + Progasm Ice = wow.
  • gasmonkeygasmonkey
    Posts: 1
    Ive been using the progasm ice for a little over a year now, and have had much success, but tonight I topped it all. Heres what I tried:
    I turned a Tenga egg inside out (and dry, no lube between the egg and progasm), so the ribbing was on the outside. then I pulled it over the head of the progasm, and then stretched one side at a time carefully over each of the tabs. At this point the tenga will stay there. Next I put a small amount of half astroglide, and half spit in the end of a condom, and pulled it over the tenga, and again over each progasm tab separately and carefully. Then I lubed and inserted. The result was phenomenal. The tug of war was absolutely constant and unending, the moment my muscles relaxed even a slight bit the progasm would be moving outwards, triggering more twitches. The more the tenga/progasm tried to push itself out, the more my body tried to hold it in. every time by body moved the Tenga ribbing was massaging everywhere, bouncing around frantically inside the condom.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I need to get out more...this think looks liked fun. Never heard of this until I found this on you tube. Must be a european commercial...cause toys wouldn't fly in the US.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Now relating it to you're statement...this seems like it would make the progasm twice as thick...and ribbed I guess. How difficult is this to to insert?

    I had often wondered if HIH would find a way to provide tip attachments to the device...almost like the french ticklers from the 80. Maybe if they could do something similar to the this, but they would need to make sure it wouldn't snap on you...I really don't think anyone wants a giant rubber band snapping back inside of them. So be careful doing this.
  • Never heard of it either. Glad for the youtube pictures. Where do you purchase it? I presume it is a onetime throwaway(?)
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Doesn't appear to be a one-timer. I think it can be washed and used repeatedly. Comes in a 6 pack, one of each different interior ribbing, I guess, for about $30.

    Looks interesting.

  • [QUOTE=Cockadoodle;47982]Doesn't appear to be a one-timer. I think it can be washed and used repeatedly. Comes in a 6 pack, one of each different interior ribbing, I guess, for about $30.

    Looks interesting.


    I got the 6-pack at Amazon (postage free with $25 or more order) for $25.66. Came today so I am very anxious to try it next session, hopefully tonite or on awakening in the a.m. I don't suppose it matter which ribbing is used(?) If the condom is pre-lubed I wonder if it is necessary to put that little bit of lube in the tip of it, but probably won't be a bad idea anyway. Will let you know how it goes.
  • You want a Spartan prostate training regiment? Well you're very close. I highly recommend a Tenga Flip Hole. I have the black version and if I really went at it I wouldn't last more than a few minutes. But yes Tenga toys are really well made products.
  • Can you upload a picture of how you make this?
  • With the Tenga flips you can't flip and put it on the Aneros massager. If you could you should get a medal of courage. My response is the typical Aneros and Tenga penile stimulation. The OP has an interesting approach and if the eggs weren't so $$$ I'd get them to test it out.
  • Pardon the pun, I just can't get my head around how this works! LOL!
  • I get how it works I just can get how he got it in! He must be real stretchy.
    The butt sphincter is like a rubber band if you stretch it too far it will snap and the your in the shit so to speak!