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Absolute newbie with Helix Syn!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 905
    Hi guys,

    I am an absolute newbie with Aneros prostate massagers. I am a 63 GWM, single, in fairly good health, "retired/between jobs", living in our nation's capital.

    Early last fall I had embarked on a daily practice of walking at least five miles a day, sometimes more. I had been on BateWorld, a social web site consisting of men who enjoy masturbation when I learned about the Aneros from some guys there. About the same time that I had begun my long walks, I began a regimen of doing the Kegel Exercises. These men who are Aneros users told me that doing the Kegels is a great preparation for using the Aneros successfully.

    So last December, I purchased the SGX, Helix, and Progasm models of the Aneros. Yet I was hesitant and resistant of inserting any of these devices up my rectum.

    Early this past April, I learned about the Helix Syn model. I decided to get that model along with the Eupho and Maximus models of the Aneros. Finally last Sunday evening, I drummed up enough courage to use the Helix Syn for the very first time. I was absolutely amazed at how easily I was able to insert this model up my rectum. Then I let the Aneros settle in and rest upon my prostate for a few minutes. I then began doing the Kegel Exercises off and on for good hour with various tempos and strength of anal clutches. The Kegels caused the Aneros to massage my prostate. I didn't experience p-waves nor the super-O that first time, nor do I expect such happenings to occur for a long while. I am just on the ride.

    Last evening I repeated what I did early Sunday night, but with some variations. I came away from both these sessions with warmth and afterglow centered in my well-exercised and massaged prostate, but also suffusing my body with exquisite pleasure. Last evening those feelings were rather subtle, yet pleasurable.

    Tomorrow evening I hope to spend 90 minutes, even two hours with my Aneros. I expect much good to happen in the future with the Aneros.