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After 4 sessions, I think i've managed to achieve the Super - O, but did I?
  • meowmeowmeowmeow
    Posts: 1
    In fact, i managed to do it in under 10 mins. Which leads me to think that perhaps I'm not experiencing the Super-O at all, but perhaps its just the mini-O. When i first got the P-waves, i thought that was the Super-O, which now makes me think im doing the same thing with the Mini-O.

    I know everyone has different experiences, so im hoping my explanation of what happens to me is generic enough for people to identify. When I hold a 50% contraction i almost feel the involuntary contractions happen at once. The contractions eventually speed up to the point where i think it ends at one unbreaking contraction. This all happens and lasts for around a min. There hasn't been any pre-cum like it says on the wiki yet.

    Also, i've had the constant buzzing feeling around the pelvic region (Anal Awakening). If i have an anal awakening does that mean i pretty much have also achieved a Super- O or is that something else altogether.

    Are these normal stages for a Super -O or of the Mini-O? perhaps this is a weaker version of the Super-o or perhaps this is something else all together?