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You get old, you get wise
  • Lenny BruceLenny Bruce
    Posts: 27
    Sneaking up on three months now, I've been enjoying the play. It's been quite pleasurable but never exciting. I've done a lot of reading, followed a lot of advice and the rewiring process seems to be in full swing, even if it's not quite at the pace I'd like.

    I've followed the Quick and Dirty Path, I've opened B's Keys but there was one rule I never paid much attention to until this morning. Each session has started with me feeling good and looking forward to it, but the one rule I've ignored is the one Brian underlined: "start your Aneros sessions aroused!" Prepared I've been, aroused only mildly. This morning I decided to follow the rules and employ a few visual aids before laying my body down. The visual aids, then, suitably employed, the lad was indeed arouse, quite so.

    And lay me down I did. With Synthia inserted, I began with some deep breathing and several minutes later some light contractions. Well, I tell you, boys, I was on fire within 10 minutes. No SuperO yet, but waves of pleasure intense enough to leave a boy gasping for breath.
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    Yeah Lenny, Brian is the master guru here, his advice is right on.
  • I don't have any arousal problem. I'm horny 24/7! The only time that limits me from doing a session is just that--time factor. The other thing that keeps me from a session is if I can't seem to get myself cleaned out. On the other hand I think I'm really getting addicted to the mangina thing. I've been doing it for as long as I have time when first waking up, and without any Aneros in. Incredible! It's really gonna be considered an addiction if I fail to get up (my whole self that is!) and get going and miss where I'm supposed to be. Just got my testosternone level report, and it's just fine for my age. I'm not sure I cud stand it any or much higher. LOL