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Maybe it's just not big enough for me?
  • deepinfocusdeepinfocus
    Posts: 19
    So I've been using my Progasm for about 6 months now and I've been having a good time. I've even had these wonderful, back-bending, electric sensations that I figure have to be getting pretty close to the super-O. Like a lot of people, I've had some problems with the Progasm popping out *just* when things are starting to get good.

    I tried a different make of massager, thinking that a different design might do the trick. It doesn't pop out but it doesn't give me the tingling/"zap" sensation that the Progasm does and it's not nearly as well made. It's fun, but it's no better.

    So I went back to using a dildo, thinking maybe the Progasm has at least awakened my prostate enough to make that experience better. Holy cow, is it ever better. I can feel my prostate just throbbing against it and my legs start shaking involuntarily right away. I have to make my legs shake with the Progasm. I am having fantastic hands-free wet orgasms and I can even feel some of those same electric zaps like I sometimes get with the Progasm.

    I'm not complaining -- who would ever complain about having great orgasms? -- but after trying the Progasm every way possible (prelube, no prelube, lots of different types of lube, every position in the book) I'm wondering if maybe I just have a freakishly deep prostate and I need something that goes deeper than even the Progasm to get the right buzz.

    Has anybody else had this experience (the Aneros didn't quite get you there but it made it so bigger toys felt even better)? Has there ever been any thought of an extra-long model? Is that even *possible* or would the mechanics not work out? Or should I just accept that maybe my Aneros experience led me to a different place than it led so many of you?
  • Okay, this may have come across a little "braggy." Sorry. Didn't mean it that way.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I didn't see it as bragging. I think what you're experiencing is that you feel a need to reach the prostate and this has become more important to you then your journey to allow the body to find the prostate and allow it to give you pleasure. I think once you slow down and have patience you'll find it allot more pleasant then manual manipulation with a dildo. I've never accidentally expelled either my MGX or my Vice during a relaxing session...maybe if I try to force it...or get up to go to the bathroom on occasion and don't clamp down before rolling out of bed. Too me it sounds like you don't have the muscle control just yet to get to where you want to go.

    That's my 2 with it what you will. Lol