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Need some help - can only wet orgasm handsfree. how can I achieve the illusive dry?
  • jd1990jd1990
    Posts: 2
    Hey guys!

    not posted on here in ages as I've not touched my progasm for a while. last night I was feeling really horny and thought I'd dig it out, I was relaxed, led on my side and slid it in. the progasm always has an amazing way of making me feel whole and it felt fine. i tried deep breathing and shut my eyes. gradually small P waves came over me and they felt great. these continued for around 20 mins. with each contraction i could feel these getting stronger so I held them for longer. my cock was throbbing by this point and I felt my breath cut short, I was shaking and felt an orgasm coming on. I held the contraction as it tipped me over the edge and cum shot out my cock whilst I was still led on my side. I was dissapointed as I really wanted the illusive dry orgasm!!

    any tips to get this? it feels amazing to cum without touching my cock but all these guys talking about their Dry super orgasms have intrigued me!

    cheers guys
  • steveg2611steveg2611
    Posts: 35
    Hi JD... Steve here... When i first started a couple years ago i got all hung up on the dry orgasm thing too.... trying to get to that point. Then one afternoon i was in a horny mood... i grabbed the ICE and thought.. ok.... lets see if i just let go.. I inserted , lay back, listened to some music and like you i started having light p-waves. about 30 minutes into it i was turned on big time.. I don't usually produce much pre, but this time i was oozing quite a lot. Combining contractions and a lot of squirming around, i figured, what the hell... if I cum, what's the worse that could happen.. i have plenty of towels... i can shower.. LOL..... so i tried to think of anything else... the waves began to subside and even out... not too deep but gradually increase over the next 20 minutes or so.... Normally i can't go more than 20 minutes tops before i blow... this was different... AH was i going to have the illusive big O? I purposely kept my hand off my boner..... LOL... i kept the deep breathing going and i must have even drifted off because i was awakened with a jolt... from deep inside... a new feeling for sure... i wanted to jack off, but i said, no.... I lay back and with each breath it got more and more intense..... and then wham.. my whole body jerked.. I bucked back, arched my back and it felt like the top of my head was going to explode.. Im sure it didn't last all that long, but at the same time it seemed to last forever..... It was like an out of body thing... so i just flopped back all sweaty and enjoyed the hell out of it... It wasn't a multiple, but it lasted long enough to let me know it was a pretty hot orgasm... and all that came out was a little pre.... AHA I'd had my first dry one... great... it was different for sure.. but i still enjoy cumming.. LOL..... i lay there drifting in and out for a few and then something else grabbed me... i clamped down on the still inserted progasm... it hit me like a ton of bricks... i could tell it was a second big one about to blow my mind.... my cock was rigid and my balls had pulled up deep inside me.. i could feel every inch of my body.. tingling... and a few more breaths and WHAM. it was a totally uncontrollably full body spasm.... only this time it was an amazing wet one... cum spurted out of my throbbing cock and puddled in my navel... running down both sides of my body... damn.... I got to experience both orgasms during the same session... hasn't happened again, i still have 90 percent wet ones, but hey... its all good.... i guess what i'm saying here is don't get all carried away worrying about some elusive dry orgasm... just enjoy what you do have and maybe when you least expect it... WHAM! Take care Steve
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I've never experienced a hands free ejaculatory orgasm and though I think it would be an interesting experience, I am not really inclined to seek that particular phenomenon. However, many guys would envy your ability to have such an orgasm. Jack Johnston of KSMO fame would call your complaint a "higher order gripe" image

    I don't know if this will work, but I suggest you try to relax through the PONR feelings. When you feel yourself approaching the PONR, cease all contractions and deliberately relax your sphincter and PC muscles. Imagine the pleasure you are feeling at this point diffusing itself outward from your pelvic area into the rest of your body, up your torso, down your legs. Using your fingers, softly stroke/caress from your groin area upwards on your chest to your nipples (avoid touching your penis!). Hopefully, this will have the effect of drawing that sexual energy away from its concentration around your penis and defuse the triggering of the ejaculatory response.

    In any event this may delay ejaculatory inevitability enough to allow you to enjoy your Anerosession for a longer period of time. image
  • To swgm29
    I bring jd1990s forum forward in case you didn't see it. Has good advice from rumel as usual.

  • swgm29swgm29
    Posts: 6
    thanks Paul :)  I will try what rumel said and relax off and see what happens