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New Report(s) on Anal Lubricants
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Some advances in rectal lube research. I added an "s" to the title of this thread with the idea that others may contribute more information.

    The discussion regarding lube sensitivity -- -- led me to do another search for reports on the topic of safety and acceptability of available rectal lubricants. A two year old IRMA paper was the most comprehensive I found. It's based on a much larger population than the 2007 study at Johns Hopkins and includes more detail on the social and medical aspects of AI (anal intercourse) projected into the general populations in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Most of the work was done at UCLA, Johns Hopkins and University of Pittsburgh.

    You can download a copy of this paper if you do a Google search for < IRMA_Report_2010_Eng.pdf >. I accessed using Firefox rather than Chrome. If you have any difficulty finding the paper, use "Google Scholar" for the search.

    The report is lengthy and dwells extensively on HIV/STD transmission. The meat of the lube discussion is found in Section 2 of the report and you'll find a few familiar names of lubes mentioned there.

    Suggest remembering that the IRMA studies focus on three qualities of a lube (most important first): 1) That the lube will not damage an anti-viral agent, 2)That the lube will cause minimal damage to the rectal and colon mucosa and, 3) That the lube will be acceptable to both parties during AI.

    Since our brotherhood is more interested in the safety and feel of anal lubricant our preferences may differ from those of IRMA and our choices may extend beyond just the water and fat based lubes that they have examined.

    IRMA has continuing studies with the probability of more reports on a wider variety of lubes.