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experiencing something without the aneros in
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8
    I took Thursday off from my aneros use, and Friday I noticed something during my day. I was experiencing a tingling/aching sensation in my prostate region through the day. It was not painful...actually feels kind of good but a little distracting. I don't know if the sensations meant "stimulate me" or "I'm sore leave me alone". I had it for several hours during the day. If it began to dissipate... all I had to do to bring it back was sit, contract just a little and breath in deeply and it started again and would linger.

    It also gave me the false impression that my session later that night was going to be better than it was. I did not have that feeling during use last night. This morning, I do not have that tingling/aching sensation, but could probably start it by contracting and breathing in.

    So, is this normal? What does it mean? Does anybody else experience this?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I believe what you are experiencing are Echo Effects (see Aneros WIKI Glossary) which are all very normal aspects to the Aneros rewiring journey. There is no reason to be concerned about these sensations unless they are painful. It is all normal to the process of "awakening" your prostate, listening to your body, becoming more attuned to the many subtle feelings being generated and then gently nurturing those feelings into heightened physical and emotional states. Each person is unique so the steps along the pathway will differ for each one of us, there is no ONE formula for progress.