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new user question
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8

    I'm completely new to anal play and have a couple of questions.

    I want to try the condom method (Helix, handle on), but am concerned about the condom getting sucked inside. Then I remove the aneros, but the condom remains inside. Is this a valid concern? Not sure I want to secure it at the bottom due to irritation. Is wrapping it around the handle an option?

    Also, why put lube inside the condom (in contact with the aneros)...wouldn't that encourage the condom to slide off the aneros?

    Only had 2 back to back sessions so far. I figure i'd better skip a day now, but that will be hard. I thought I had some tingling in by right leg last session, but sadly....that was just my bulging disc pinching the nerve in my back...sigh. Had to switch positions.