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New helix
  • evergreenevergreen
    Posts: 32
    I tried my new syn helix this morning, I want to echo Mayfields comments.It slides in beautifully,you will think it was form fitted for you personally. It gives that delicious full feeling,that you get with the helix,yet it gives you that wonderfull flexible wriggly feeling also.I took it out to go urinate when I lied back down I was pulsating like a new born calf looking for its mothers teat. My rectum just kind of sucked it out of my hand.It works well for ever so slight side to side and ahead and back motion,just teasing the itch that loves to be scratched.My eyes were rolled back for an hour.For you young bucks out there Im 62.Anyone else tried listening to easy instruments on cable during aneros? sure works for me. later Evergreen