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My first week
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    First of all I want to greet all the other users.
    I'm 41 and bought the helix a week ago.
    Day 1: My first try was a disaster - being obviously unpatient when nothing happened after the first 2 minutes I did what everyone and the instructions said I musn't do. In short, I used it as a dildo and grind my poor prostate to a pulp while sitting in a chair masturbating like hell....I know, i know....I did everything WRONG trying to have a super climax asap. Just needed to get over the whole anticipation thing, LOL

    Day 2: I read almost the whole site, forums and wiki. So there I was, flat on my back, lubed, toweled ,phone on silent, low light, legs up and bended, feet on the bed and the oh so difficult part: RELAX!
    Low and behold as I slowly opened and almost brought my bended legs together a feint vibration started in my inner thighs. I lifted my head to look what the hell was going on and that triggered my whole lower body to go into a terrible shaking spasm. I almost jumped out of bed in shock but lifting my torso sent the spasm up my body and my shoulders started hitting the matrass violently and even my head shook from side to side. I dawned on me that this must be the pleasure waves or something. Any movement I made with a leg or arm send the spasm in a different direction. I heard myself breathing heavily. Lifting one leg a little made my hips go into a wild dance and when I lifted my ass of the bed my hips vibrated 1000 pumps per second. After about 15 minutes I was sweating a lot and even my fingers and toes were doing their own thing. I finally decided to get up in order to stop whatever was happening to me as my muscles were getting sore.
    As I was standing up waves of spasms travelled through me making me twist back and forth - I looked in amazement in the mirror at myself. Only then did I became aware that the aneros was still inside me. My inner anal sphincter was clenced around it like a vice. It really hurt while removing it. Looking back I cant remember feeling my prostate being messaged but I must say I have had no interaction with my prostate before - never could locate it with my finger before or even imagine where it should be.
    I walked around in the house a little trying to tell myself I wasnt dreaming, crazy or possesed. Taking a pee I struggled to relax whatever muscle that was holding it back, finally when I started peeing another few spasm came over me and I made a bit of a mess.

    Day 3: I woke up expecting to feel tired and sore but felt really good and refreshed. I did more research and understoodd that the muscle quivering and spasms were part of the aneros experience allthough nobody really go into detail about it untill I found an aneros xtube video clip and I almost shouted: That looks just like me!!
    SO, in the afternoon I tried again. Very much the same thing happened but 15 minutes into it my inner anal sphincter really started hurting and it was really painful to remove the aneros. I decided to wait another day. It hurt for another hour or so and I felt the constant need to use the toilet but nothing happened - I took a muscle relaxer and 30 min later I felt better. Reading through all the post I couldnt find anyone with the same problem. Maybe I was clenching my anus to hard or pushing to hard into the bed or didnt put enough lube...could it be that the aneros doesnt go in all the way....or was it because the handle was pushing into the bed....?

    Day 4: Did as much research possible on the internet about Male Multiple Orgasms but between KSMMO, Ballooning, Mantras, Tantras, Chi-kong and 'what have you' I was getting more and more confused. I decided to try something anyways.
    My session started as before but I stuffed myself with lube every 5 minutes in order to try and illiminate one of the possible causes of the soreness. My anal muscle was still a bit sore and tight. This time I tried to stimulate the head of my cock by rubbing it with the palm of my hand while breathing deeply and relaxing my PC muscles (dont know really where they are yet) - I read about this rubbing technique today. My glans is extremely sensitive so I almost couldnt do it but if I kept on relaxing and breathing it was bearable. After 2 or 3 min I closed my eyes to concentrate on my breathing and started seeing multiple colour light balls flashing infront of me. At this moment I couldnt feel the aneros inside me but I checked and it was firmly pulled in tight and the p-tab was pressing deep into my perinium. A feeling of pleasure was travelling from the end of my penis to the spot in my perinium where the p-tab was. Precum was flowing all the time and as long as I rubbed my glans it was wonderful. The only problem was that I was stuck in this place and couldnt progress to anything more pleasurable or a climax. I decided to relax completely and as I did relax my anus I felt the aneros moving a cm out of and the pain started immediately. I had to stop. When I put a finger inside me I could feel that the pain is not outside but just around the inner edge of the inner anal sphinkter. Why do this happen.
    I tried to walk with the aneros in me but that is even more painful.

    Well that was it so far. Any comments, suggestions or corrections please advice - I realize I'm a total novice and actually clueless as you can see (four days and already hoping for a orgasm LOL)
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    busco, I think the most important thing is to just slow down! :) You might still be a little sore from the first time where you were manually moving the Aneros around inside. I would give it a few days rest until you can sit comfortably with the Aneros inside and not feel any discomfort at all.

    By the way, I know it's easier said than done. I'm certainly guilty of sometimes pushing forward with sessions even though I'm a bit tender. Sometimes it works out okay, sometimes it's a recipe for a dud session. But definitely since you're at the beginning and still have a lot of excitement and expectation, I would say give it a rest and go into your next session as relaxed and rested as possible.
  • I too am new to this and have not pushed it to fast, however, I have felt the pain that you are describing. It is almost unbearable at times. I stumbled on this website as a good friend of mine recommended that I try prostate massage. I ordered and was scared to death to use it. It sat in the box for a few days. I followed the directions on inserting and it hurt like crazy. I finally relaxed enough and as written about half way the aneros was pulled inside. I did not feel anything but the urge to get it out. I tried to relax breathing, etc. I finally gave up and removed it. I was sore for about 4 days. I did not do any manual movement only let my body to the work. I put it on the shelf and decided it was not for me. About 2weeks later I was in the bathroom and I looked at the box. Inside my mind I heard the words, "hello, old friend" and decided to try it again. I am straight and have never desired nor wanted anything inside of me. So I was a bit taken aback. I got ready and tried again... well it hurt again and I worked on relaxing, again I was able to get it about half way in and then it was taken in all the way. The p tab was pushing so much and it hurt. I made sure that I was clean and shaven and no lubricant in that area. I have been following the instructions perfectly yet I am afraid that the pain is not worth it. I do have to say that I finally relaxed and I felt tiny spasms around my anus. It almost felt like bugs were tickling my anus. Is this normal? Any suggestions would help. I have not shown my wife, although she knows about the aneros. I was shocked when I saw the aneros the first time and thought, " are you kidding? that is supposed to go inside my rear! no way."
  • Gentlemen
    Besides pushing too hard, I wonder if you are using sufficient lubrication. I have never experienced any pain with aneros, quite the opposite. Relaxation and patience are other important ingredients. I hope you don't give up on it. I experience such marvelous pleasure with it that I could never have imagined existed. Each session is better than the last no matter which of the 6 models I have that I use. It took months for me to get real results, other than minimal. Now it increases as it were by geometric proportions rather than arithmetic. I am single and have no other sexual outlet, and almost never had except for masturbation and being engaged once. Sex with the lady was great, but I have discovered I am more gay than straight. Keep reading the forums. They are loaded with precious information. I wish you the very best as I would want anyone to experience what I do with aneros.
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    Thanks for the replies guys! (Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, English is not my first language)
    First of all I also think that maybe the lube has something to do with it - I've decided to give it a rest for two or three day and get some olive oil and an injector.
    Another thing I wanted to share was that when I had pushed the aneros in all the way with my hand and kept it there I had no pain but as soon as I let go it move out a little and then the pain started - is it supposed to stay in all the way? Do you think I need to make any adjustments or is it to early to say?
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    Day 6: I found this explanation (pasted below) and I am sure I've solved my problem of anal pain - I was just contracting too hard in order to "feel" something. This morning I woke up and felt relaxed, inserted the aneros helix and almost dozed off. The aneros was like silk in my anus. Laying on my side I felt a tingle somewhere down there. When I got unpatient and started contracting it didnt take long before I felt the soreness return and my inner anla muscle clamp down like a vice - the pain was back. Here is what I read:

    " The tip of the Aneros (while inside the rectum) pushes against the prostate gland. The walls of the rectum are very flexible and elastic, they will easily stretch to accommodate the shape of the Aneros. When the anal sphincter muscles are contracted, the Aneros with its P-tab arm is pushed up into the prostate and thus massages it. The P-tab also acts as an anchor/fulcrum/pivot point. When the contraction takes place the Aneros will rotate slightly about the center point of the P-tab thus pushing the tip of the Aneros forward into the prostate for added massage action. With both the Helix & Eupho models it is not necessary (nor really practical) to attempt to insert all the way to the "T" junction.

    Upon insertion of your Aneros the proper orientation occurs automatically and naturally. The Aneros are already designed with a forward canted shape to be directed at the prostate, the P-tab assures correct orientation and alignment. Pinpoint accuracy of prostate engagement is NOT necessary. It does NOT require much force or pressure to stimulate the prostate sufficiently to generate the P-Wave phenomenon. As you become more experienced with your massager you will find it requires less and less pressure to generate P-waves, to the point you will be able to generate them without the Aneros present at all. "

    The key for me will be just to have the aneros inside me for the next couple of times without doing ANYTHING AT ALL! Please tell my anus that!
  • Busco
    Yes, it sounds like you are getting the message. It seems to me a clarification that fits your final conclusion is to understand " When the anal sphincter muscles are contracted..." it isn't that you contract the musscles, the aneros does it. The same way with your anus, it knows how to react without you telling it what to do. Congratulations, and continued enjoyment, little-by-little. With patience I think it will be your experience as mine has been, that little-by-little is over months, but once it gets going it flies.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    In your post you have said "I made sure that I was clean and shaven and no lubricant in that area".

    I would reckon that this is where your problem lies. Insertion of almost any of the Aneros models would be difficult and, with the larger ones (such as Maximus, Progasm and Vice) darned near impossible without using some lubrication.

    I would advise you begin by using a small amount of pre-lube, (such as 2ml liquid KY or similar) injected using either a suitable syringe or an eye dropper. Then cover the tool itself with a liberal coating of a lubricant that will adhere well to its surface, (such as Vaseline). I usually use unrefined shea butter for this purpose. For a good night time session, I also insert a small plug of frozen shea butter prior to inserting the tool. This ensures that there is sufficient lubricant to last the entire night (if required) and I can then have an early morning session as well, simply by inserting a lubricated tool.

    I would caution against using excessive lubrication as this tends to leak and cause a mess.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  • ImapooheadImapoohead
    Posts: 24
    He meant around the p-tab, not the aneros itself.
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    doesnt this look fimiliar? Just joking!
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    Havent had much time and privacy to practice with my helix since I last wrote. Had two one hour sessions this week. I have figured out that my problem was insufficient lubrication. When the inner anal muscle clamp down on a dry helix it can be extremely painful. All I do now is to regularly check if the helix is still moving freely and apply a few drops of olive oil with a dropper on the helix and slide it in and out a few times.
    My sessions were pain free and the p-waves were enjoyable - this is as far as I got on my journey.

    I have this strange inner sensasion while typing this as if my anus is begging me to insert the helix. Does anyone know what I'm trying to say?
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    [QUOTE=busco;47845]I have this strange inner sensation while typing this as if my anus is begging me to insert the helix. Does anyone know what I'm trying to say?
    Yes. Some of us call that being "butt horny".
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    That's spot-on! Never ever thought that my body would speak to me through my butt LOL!!
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I see that as my body saying it's ready for another session. My wife says I never do what she asks , but my prostate ask for something, bam I'm on it...pun intended.

    Btw...she's not big on watching me experiment with my Aneros. How she doesn't stand in my way either...i think due to stone stress that she's under right now though. I'll get her involved soon enough.
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    Only time in life where nagging (a nagging prostate) does sound like music in my ears.