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No such luck, time running short
  • TheFyre13TheFyre13
    Posts: 12
    Hey guys, first off I want to say that I ALMOST am experiencing what you lucky ones are. Here is my issue:

    I have had about 7-8 runs with my Helix, over the last 2 weeks. I have been to what I believe is the "p-wave" twice, but when I hit that moment, it just seems to go away and become impossible to get back again. The muscles become impossible to contract, or I just lose feeling.

    The first time I hit a p-wave I was intentionally contracting about 50-75% every 1-2 seconds, and on my hands and knees. After doing this for about 5-8 minutes, my legs started tingling, my hands got tingly, and my arms felt week. I felt a warm tingly sensation (not quite like an orgasm) in my pelvic region. My breathing got heavy, and I almost made noise. It got very hard to intentionally contract, like the whole thing was as big as my rectum, and then I thought to myself "Oh please just come", and then bam, it all started dying off, and it went away, and I couldn't get it back anymore that night.

    The second time I hit it, I was sitting on the edge of a chair so that it could have free range of motion, and watching porn trying to relax. After laying there for 20 minutes, the aneros felt very warm - which was new to me. I started contracting, and very soon after I felt tingly again. The tingling became almost full body, and then once again, it became nearly impossible to contract and then I lost it and it went away, and never came back.

    Most sessions, it gets very tiring or impossible to contract, and then I don't get anywhere after that. If I get the tingling feeling, I start thinking "let's do this" or "come on baby!" and it goes away, unable to bring it back. The tingling isn't an orgasm, I know this already. I don't shake much, I don't feel any release or punch, I just feel a lot of tingling in my limbs and then I lose everything after that. Sometimes I get an erection during the tingling.

    Last but not least, I tried the "do nothing" method. I put it in, well lubed, and laid there, breathing and concentrating on the feeling. 45 minutes went by, nothing. It felt like the aneros was warm, but there was no involuntary contractions, and no feelings of anything.

    I plan to have another session tonight, and I need you guys to help me bound over this "tingling" feeling and the impossibility to contract, I want to hit that super-o! Also, I have 2 more weeks before I ship out to the Army. I'm pretty sure I won't be allowed to have something like this while on base, so I gotta use this now or lose it.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    From reading your post, I get the feeling you are pressing too hard to get results. As I mentioned in my introductory PM to you, you can not coerce or force your body to produce a Super-O like you can a traditional ejaculatory orgasm. From your description of things you got a p-wave and then lost it, well this is pretty typical early on. Like other waves these will rise and fall in amplitude and the time period/frequency may be rather erratic, this is normal as well. A common newbie mistake is to try and resurrect those p-waves by making stronger/harder contractions, this generally will not work. I would suggest you try some alternate strategies since the "do nothing" approach also didn't work (it may work in the future, so don't totally dismiss it). Perhaps try to lessen the strength of you contractions and extend the time period (frequency). Try getting the massager movement down to the smallest detectable amount, as if you were trying to stroke your prostate with a feather to tickle it and not to hammer it into submission. This is a game of seduction with yourself, not aggression or warfare.

    For most of us men, it takes unrestricted time to get in tune with our bodies in regards to Aneros use. The prostate "awakening" process alone make take many weeks, patience is required. You, however, are trying to force the whole process to take place in approximately 2 weeks. I'm sorry to say that such an approach is almost assured to be a disappointing failure.

    If you are shipping out to begin basic training, you will most assuredly not have the requisite mental attitude, time or physical energy to put into Aneros training as well. So you may just as well tell yourself to enjoy whatever small benefits you obtain over the next couple of weeks and wait until you get stationed in a stable location before re-engaging Aneros learning. Please don't let yourself get caught up in a "use it or lose it" mind twist, that isn't so, you just may have to delay implementation of massage training until more fortuitous times prevail.

    I am sorry but there are no quick shortcuts to getting to the Super-O.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Fyre.

    What rumel said is true. But don't despair, you are closer than you might think. Your current sensations after 7 or 8 sessions is about where I was after 7 or 8 sessions. I "accidentally" had a Super-O in my 14th session after I fell asleep with Aneros inserted and it woke me up around 2 AM. There's no way to know if you'll get there on your 9th session or your 90th; just don't give up.

    Best wishes for a good tour of duty,

  • TheFyre13TheFyre13
    Posts: 12
    Thanks for all the advice, and the good wishes.

    I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to continue the "adventure" once stationed, of course I couldn't nor would even want to use it during basic training or AIT. Didn't think bases allowed Soldiers to have sex toys.

    Seems to be that I'm trying to force something instead of just take the ride.

    I'll try being less forceful with it, relax, and if it doesn't work, do it another time. Thanks for the advice, and I'll be back of course.

    Edit: Read the PM, thank you! The other question I have is how do I know if it's too big or too small? I really didn't feel much until the p-waves started coming along, but when I was sitting down (other advice I read) I felt strong connection. Sitting down on it of course pushed it further in.
  • TheFyre13TheFyre13
    Posts: 12
    Well my session last night proved to me there is a little something on the other side of the wall. I put the Andros Helix in, blacked out my room and just let myself relax, closing my eyes. I never really felt anything, and ended up falling asleep. About 15 minutes later, I got a warm tingling feeling in my waist region, which began feeling like it was getting thicker. I got an erection, my heart rate literally skyrocketed, and my breathing got very fast. I was REALLY enjoying this for about the 10 seconds it lasted, then as quickly as it came, it vanished.

    So I got a taste of what is to come but still don't seem to be coming over this barrier problem where it guilts up and then vanishes before even a simple orgasm much less a super o.

    Any advice?
  • Like Rumel said it can take weeks to feel much happening. Just lie there with it in. Personally I couldn't resist touching myself lightly in various erogenous zones. In the recommended starting position of lying on my (usually) right side with my balls below my thighs and penis pointing up, I might stroke my balls lightly. The so-called "sweet spot" in front of the aneros touching the space between the anus and balls is very sensitive for me, as well as my inner thighs. Sexuality is seated at the end of the spine, so touching there plus maybe my balls or the sweet spot really sets me off. The tip of the penis of course is mighty sensitive, as well as the chakra spot at the base of the upper part of penis. This touching may not be recommended, and certainly traditional penis rubbing masturbation, but it got me going. Once I start with the penis it is almost irrisistable to masturbate, and I am getting better at avoiding it. I have no other ejaculation outlet, being single, and not involved sexually with anyone, so sometimes after a couple weeks of no ejaculation I find it hard to resist. I don't understand how some who say to avoid masturbation with the aneros in because it takes away sensation from the prostate, seem not the avoid ejaculation with a woman or man in any chosen oriface. The main thing is being patient and not giving up. Believe me the rewards are unbelievable. Each session for me is better than the one before no matter which of the 5 aneros models I have. I could never have imagined such pleasure. Good luck, and thank you for serving us.