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Four months with Aneros
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    After four months of daily use I am very happy with the result. *I have not had any significant experiences. I enjoy the touch relationship that Helix has with my prostate. There is a "point" of contact that is loaded with promise. There is movement but it is slight. I try to relax and not respond so to give them their own agenda. After some nice sensations and responses I may drift of to a deep sleep or, if not sleeping I may use Helix and the mediative point of contact gives me to focus me which after a while lets me drift into sleep. *This I am very grateful for.*
    I have curled back the tail so I can lie on my back. I have found that I am happiest with a castor oil natural jelly mix. I can*alter it viscosity and colourless so any leakage will not mark so I can relax. *I used to pre-lube but now that is just a bit (2-3ml). That area of my*body feels generally so alive and well. *Urination is a worry as with BHP there is usually some discomfort. That has gone so I have to check its releasing - and it is though, it takes longer. *The flow of course is much reduced. *I am also no longer woken up urgently needing to pee. So my sleeping times have increased. *I am also happy to drink more water. I take a herbal Prostate Manager, a testosterone supplement (diminishes "a grumpy old man" syndrome). My relationship with my partner is undiminished.
    I trust this is the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end!!
    Sorry for the "Cook's" tour but I want to share some gentle beneficial results.