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Manuka Honey as lube for Prostatitis
  • UKDudeUKDude
    Posts: 3
    Does anyone suffer from Prostatitis? Have you or anyone you know tried using Manuka Honey either orally or as lube for prostate massage?

    Manuka honey is an effective natural antibiotic... wonder if it would work with an Aneros device.

    Anyone think of any precautions/dangers?
  • Antibacterial substances tend not to get along well in one's colon.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    Sugar content may be problematic
    Might knock off the good and necessary bowel bacteria
    Not sure if the anti bacterial content would go thru the bowel wall and the prostate wall
    Just my immediate thoughts
  • Since Prostatitis is inflamtion of the Prostate, it seems to me a doctor might prescribe antibiotics. True, they can knock out good bacteria, but it may be necessary in order to knock out any bad. At the end of treatment it is helpful to replace good bacteria with yogurt or the like. I'm not a doctor, nor have I had Prostatitis, but I'm assuming it may be like urinary infection for which I have been prescribed antibiotics. Of course, if there is no infection or bad bacteria with Prostatitis my theory is wrong. What causes Prostatitis, too much rubbing of it (with Aneros) or something else?

    One of the many references on a simple search. No specific mention of Prostatitis on this one, but may be somewhere else. Again, if it is a bacterial thing, the honey might work. I found it interesting that it is a New Zealand product. I had never heard of it.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    My comments were referring to it as an anal lube.
    It has good write up if take orally. Some brands are stronger than others
    Sorry if I was misleading
    It still might be okay - I would want more information first.