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Question for more experinced Aneros users here....
  • First a specific one then a more general one. So far I only have Aneros experience while alone. I am currious how it applies to partnered sex.

    Can a partners finger/strap-on compare to the Aneros?

    Do you regularly incorporate prostate play in your partnered sex life?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, Chris.

    You might want to read the Pegging thread on the next page. I've posted a lot in there about Aneros and pegging. Long story short; if you like the larger Aneros models, you'll probably enjoy pegging.

    There's a thread about partnered sex and Aneros, but it's been pushed way down the Forum. You can use Search to find it. I usually have my Aneros inside during partnered sex. The only hazard with that is if your partner twiddles the tail of the Aneros too vigorously. That can be distracting from the main event. And, I highly recommend BJs while the Aneros Vice buzz-fucks your ass.