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  • Has anyone tried a session wearing pantyhose? It would seem quite erotic.
  • I certainly have never worn pantyhose and don't have any desire. What does it do for you, littleguy? I would think it would constrict the movement of aneros, being so tight against it as a picture it.
  • nylonlvrnylonlvr
    Posts: 1
    Hello, yes, I have tried wearing and it is very erotic. I love the way it slides and to wear crotchless is very exciting. Both in hose is an awesome experience,your legs rub together with your partners creating a very stimulating feeling. I have also tried an Aneros while having pantyhose on, The device was designed to work in a free state,but the hose is also a very nice feeling as it pushes the device deeper on relaxing of the ass.
  • @aneros_user13872

    The pantyhose would not restrict the movement of the Aneros, as the Aneros is inside the anus.


    Thanks for the idea of introducing pantyhose into a session. I have got to try it!


    I agree with you totally about the feel and sensation of pantyhose. I have had pantyhose sessions with some of my girlfriends.
  • As you might guess from my username, I love all-things-pantyhose -- seeing women in them, wearing them myself, pantyhose sex. It's not for everybody, but it sure is for me!
  • @silkyhoselover
    Hats off to you sir! I too am a major pantyhose lover. I'm going include pantyhose in the maiden voyage of my Eupho Classic.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    Ok, ok... you naughty dudes.  Am I curious?  Yes.  Hints on purchasing such?

  • @Pspotsquirter:

    Thanks for the hat-tip! Enjoy your new toy -- everything's better with pantyhose!


    To start out, you could just order online from any number of sites ranging from department stores - Wal*Mart, Target, etc. -- to hosiery specialty sites. If you're a 'big guy' who needs very large sizes, both Silkies and Just My Size (Hanes) carry them. There are other more exotic sites that specialize in hosiery, some of which are imported and very expensive.

    I have a Silkies hosiery club account that automatically sends me 5 pair/month, and in my own name, not my wife's. I met the mailman at the box one day, and he handed me the package, saying 'Here's your pantyhose'. Bet he thought he was being funny, but I just smirked, knowing that, yeah, the ARE for me!

    My wife and I go to Hanes outlet stores to stock up on panties and hose a couple of times/year. My favorite are Silk Reflections. They feel great!