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Am I too tall for the SGX?
  • About a year ago I bought the SGX model with no idea whatsoever the pleasure it's intended to provide. However I've had absolutely no luck. Here recently within the past two weeks I've followed more and more procedures listed on the forum and still all I do is get the aneros in. Yet I feel no pleasure, no pain, but no pleasure. Just feels like I've got something in my ass. Being gay, I've had plenty of experience in anal play. I'm 5'6" and, 168 lbs. I just have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I don't even get an erection when i use it. I know that the SGX was made for shorter users, so I thought maybe I was too tall for it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Travis
    You may be correct about the SGX. I've seen in forums it is recommended to shorter men. Although I have never had sex with a man, I am considering myself actually more attracted to men than women (although there is one woman friend I have had some experience with, and enjoyed it thorouly (not correct spelling?) and would again if the opportunity was available I have a strong desire to have experience with a man, but have not figured out how to go about it. I am 6' 8'', and I started with the MGX, then Helix, then Eupho, Peridise, and lastest Maximus. I like the Eupho and maybe even more the Max, although I have fantatic experiences with all models. I think I like those two most because they are the biggest, i.e. thickest, and feel and imagine them to be most like a penis. I have had some previous slight experience with dildos. I always urge those who do not seem to be getting much results to stick with it. The pleasures I experience with aneros are beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I really can't say how they would compare with experiences with women or men that I have not had.
  • Hi Paul,

    I've never had much prostate stimulation with anal sex either. :/ But to answer you're question, a sex toy is nothing like a real man making love to you! It's awesome!
  • Thank you again, Travis. So good to know. Makes me want to experience it even more.
  • Keep in touch good sire!
  • Will do. Thank you for the invitation to do so. This may not be the best place for what I have been telling you, but others may profit from it. As you can see, my email address ended up accidentally as my ID name, so you are certainly most welcome to communicate with me there anytime.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi brettandtravis2.23 and [email][/email] !!! Good to meet you all here!

    Travis, I think, given your anal experience you may get better results from the larger MGX model as you are close to the borderline between SGX and MGX sizing for men without prior anal play experience. 6'4" 200lbs here and age now 65. Into my 6th year of highly successful Aneros adept practice! I have been prostate massaging and enjoying prostate-centred orgasms and anal orgasms from my solo practice since age 13, when my prostate called out to me.

    At age 17-19 I had a gay exploratory relationship with a curious male friend, and I bottomed and topped with him. So I too have experienced receptive anal intercourse several times. And I understand paul your interest, and that of many men here who have not experienced this male pleasure. Yet travis, I too did not get an Aneros-like prostate stimulation from my male partner's penis working my rectum.

    Aneros massage is a very small gentle massage when it is awakening your prostate, not the heavier more aggressive of male/male intercourse that can bring on an ejaculatory orgasm for the receptive male. This can happen with the larger models of Aneros. I use my Progasm Ice, Vice or Maximus for that direction. MGX and EUPHO!!! are my faves for the high energies Super-Os that make Aneros practice unique from any other anal toy or tool. See my blog here at Aneros for more details.

    Happy to chat with you all about any of this on the UnOfficial Chat here (see page 2 currently of this Forum for the thread and the link on its first page), or a YM ( [email][/email] ) or at using IM there. PM me here and we can sort out mutually workable times to meet here or at those sites.

  • Artform
    Thank you for your input. Just this week a was led to your blog re: mangina. Who'd a thunk it?! Never heard of such a thing. Have tried it a couple times, with some great sensations. Haven't tried it with cock ring on yet. Also say your vids on dick. Amazing! Another great site I had never heard of. I am traveling these days from St. Louis to Milwaukee, and home again to New Mexico on Sat. Will check out the chat scene then. I have never been to a chat site, and don't know how it works. I don't have a cam, but have been shopping. Any suggestions? I do have earphones and mic.
  • Artform
    I did the cock ring around my balls, ass lubed with margerine again (didn't get to Walmart or Walgreens yet for vaseline.) It was somewhat messy, but not as bad as last time, and I am in motel, so was able to shower right after session. Used my Maximus. Did the mangina thing. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I don't have the erection problem some have. My problem is just the opposite! Well, talk about my being on a trip! in more ways than one! With the cock ring I was able to put my middle and ring finger in much deeper. There is a sensitive spot inside there that sent me soaring. I also inserted those finger from the other hand in that hole in the perineum recommended in "The Orgasmic Man," to stop ejaculation, although that hasn't always been working for me in traditional masturbation, although perhaps ejaculate might be less. Anyway, with that method the cum might just be going into the bladder. The orgasms from the Maximus were super, too. Every session for me seems better than the last no matter which aneros I use. After about 30 minutes I let my penis out, and it was good and slippery from pre-cum. I was able to get a fairly good erection. Slipped a cock ring on my cock to hold it. Put my usual other cock ring over balls and cock. I did the alternate deer thing, going from bottom chakra up to one between the pecs, over the thymus gland. That is a super erotic zone for me no matter when I rub it. Then I went back down to penis. Much of the time this leads me to traditional masturbation as I rub my cock and hold one hand at that hole in the perineum, and thumb on lower chakra and finger pressing bottom side of cock. Rubbing my lubed cock with my right hand makes the aneros sensations stonger than ever. Rubbing lightly the under side of cock and the sides, with hand lightly brushing the top of penis, or lightly touching lubed balls, can make me edge for a long time. However, as I said above, this almost always leads to ejaculating in the traditional way. I seldom get with only aneros the contractions in the sphincter in the perineum I get this way in, although I have somewhat at times. As has often been said, the orgasms with masturbation with aneros in far surpass the ones experienced in the past without the aneros. It had been probably at least 2 weeks since I had ejaculated, so it was pretty unresistable. I have been getting better at not going that direction. If I just don't go to the penis, other than the tip, I have been able to resist masturbation. However, I then never get a sense of completion with aneros only, and just finally stop the session. Although it seems like I just want to go on forever, I do have more to life than that. There usually isn't a sense of completion, but I seldom suffer blue balls from it. Mangina experience is amazing addition though. Appreciate learning about it.