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In Praise of the PS New
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    I never see anyone posting much about this Aneros-related company product. Available at High Island Health's website but not here is the PS New... snapped a screen shot and attached it but not sure how this works on this forum)...anyway, this device is a little cheaper than some of the others like the Helix yet it packs an incredible punch. I don't know why the Aneros site doesn't offer a version because this has sent me on higher journey's of ecstasy than any other Aneros massager...although they're all great. This device has two little nubs on the face of the massager that hits the prostate just right, producing waves of quivering, tickling orgasms. I start having serious prostate and anal orgasms from almost the moment of insertion. The smaller base makes it incredibly unobtrusive. And, it seems to be one of the longest of the Aneros family. So, that's my two-cents. Anybody else use this awesome version and like it like I do?
  • Am I correct that the PS 2 is the MGX and the PS X is the Helix? While the PS New is recommended for those over 5'11", it looks from the picture like it's narrowed than the MGX. How tall are you, Newguy?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    FYI, High Island Health LLC is the parent company & manufacturer of the Aneros® brand of prostate massagers. This patented device was originally and is currently offered for sale as the Pro-State® line of massagers on the High Island Health website. The HIH website is primarily oriented toward the health aspects and benefits of prostate massage in accord with Oriental medicine for prostate related issues. A forum for users to discuss practice with these devices also exists on that website, I encourage you to check out that site to learn more about the health benefits.The High Island Health website also contains testimonials from users regarding their experiences using these wonderful little massagers. The Aneros® website, by contrast, is oriented toward the sensual pleasure aspects of prostate massage. That being said...
    The Aneros® line of prostate massagers are not a completely different company, just a separate division. The Aneros SGX model is identical to the High Island Health PS-2 model. The Aneros Helix model is equivalent to the HIH PS-X, the Aneros Classic (only available in the 'Volcano Pack') is equivalent to the HIH PS-NEW model and the Aneros Peridise lineup is equivalent to the HIH Peristal models. As far as I know there are no HIH cross equivalents for the Aneros MGX, Maximus, Eupho, Progasm, Vice or Tempo models.
  • McLovinMcLovin
    Posts: 4
    Interesting. Gotta say, the shape looks like it'd be right up my, um, alley. A little helix, a little eupho, and an interesting head shape.

    Information on this one seems kind of scant on the forum, which isn't surprising since it's apparently an older (the oldest?) model. B Mayfield also gives it a thumbs-up in one thread, which is a high recommendation, so I'm all the more intrigued. I'd love to hear what other people think about it, both the good and the bad.
  • Last night I spent quite a long time composing a reply about your thread on the sweet spot, etc. When I tried to submit it I got a message telling me I couldn't be connected to this site, and I lost the whole reply. It happened again this morning. I have reported it a couple times to aneros support, but I am starting to think the problem is with this computer in a motel. I will try again.

    I am in any way (unfortunately) a big guy, except a big heart I hope. I have numerous aneros models: MGX, Helix, Eupho, Ice Progasm, all 4 Peridese, and my latest and favorite, Maximus. Big is better for me since I like one that resembles the human tool, although I have never had one other than my own, but would sure like to experience one. I like big and hard with soft skin over the hard(on)! I am trying to figure out how to meet someone willing to do all the stuff I see on gay porn. I am a virgin when it comes to gay.

    All the models with tabs hit me just fine, but the whole area between the anus and scrotum is sweet to me, and I touch the part between tab and scrotum with great delight, to be poetic. There is a member whose handle I can't remember, who has his own blog. Name starts Ling(?)...mann Can't locate it now. You probably know who I mean. All his blog entries are first class porn for me, very well descriptively written. He has one about his lady massaging that area from anus to scrotum. Maybe the whole area is sweet spot. It sure is for me. I don't need another aneros model for sure, but if one works for one person and not another, I'm glad there are so many models. I was even willing to give or sell my MGX, but got no takers. Now I plan to finally remove the handle since I have heard it gives better movement. If I like it I might do it to others, too. I never have a problem of the handle hitting the bed because I prop a pillow under my lower back.
  • timmymaotimmymao
    Posts: 2
    In a side-by-side comparison, it's a little bigger than the MGX and those two nodules do seem to make all the difference. From most to least effective in my collection, the rank is Helix, SGX, PS-New, Eupho, Progasm, Vice, MGX, Peridise(s)
  • Rook
    I presume my last reply was to be addressed to you. I forgot to put your name on it again after I had copied it to another site so as not to lose it all again.

    I meant to say that I am NOT a big guy in any way. This site could use spell check, but it wouldn't have caught that anyway. I need to re-read to edit before submitting. I find if I take too long, not knowing how long too long is, I tend to be kicked out of being registered and sometimes lose my reply, and go through all kind of rigamaroll, ending in frustration.
  • Rook
    This is the blog I referred to with the one on his wife's massage of the perineum area (all=sweet spot in my estimation) on 4/12/12 entry:

  • schitzschitz
    Posts: 33
    I just ordered another one, as the original one I purchased I modified the tail and kinda missed it.
    So looking forward to getting the original again.

    As stated in a previous post, I think those little nodules do make a difference,
    Cause when I purchased the redesigned Mgx I did notice the difference.