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A chink in the wall.
  • burtwadburtwad
    Posts: 10
    Today I've finally reached a milestone of sorts. I bought my helix probably more than two years ago, used it for about half a year with no results, got disappointed and stopped. Today, feeling really horny due to not being able to get any me time for a while, I decided to wipe the dust off of my old toy and try it out for old times sake. I figured even though I didn't get any of the fancy results earlier, it did make the regular procedure a lot more enjoyable. So I put it in, business as usual, relaxed in one of the recommended poses. And tried kinda wiggling it a bit. Nothing. So I decided to let it sit and just relaxed, after some time, the slight unpleasant feeling of something being stuck up your butt completely disappeared and I started wiggling it just a bit, barely perceptible movements and I started feeling a slight tickling, just barely. I concentrated on it, started making deeper, but softer breaths, and surprisingly even though I didn't feel any obvious sensation of pleasure, I started noticing that my heartbeat is going haywire. So I flexed, lightly at first, heartbeat is speeding up with every flex, slight pleasure waves with every breath. My breathing became erratic on it's own, something I never experience while doing it the regular way, I started flexing harder and harder, until it clenched up and I couldn't anymore, then it kinda plateaued, like hitting a wall, but I got the feeling that it could get a lot better. I managed to reproduce this reaction 3 more times, the second of these was the strongest, my heartbeat was so strong, it was interfering with my breathing, and my breathing was sorta twitchy and weak, and my thigh muscles were weakly twitching on their own, things I've only witnessed when my former girlfriend had her orgasms. After these I finished myself off with a huge fountain to relieve the pent up energy, had to switch to a different shirt before going to bed. Even though these sensations weren't close to those that come during regular masturbation, the rush was pleasurable and refreshing just by being a new experience. And the best thing is, now I finally know what to look for. P.S. Sorry for the wall of text, the forum seems to be not working properly.
  • Burt, first, congrats on giving it another go! Second, I'm glad you're seeing some results. Let me give a little bit of a suggestion. You're keying in on your heart rate. When it starts to go haywire, try to make it go the other way. Take a few deep breaths. Ease that heart rate back down. Relaxation will allow your muscles to relax even more, allowing the Helix to do its job a little better. Your body started contracting on its own, which is exactly what you want! Try to focus on those contractions, but don't force anything. You'll start to "feel" where your prostate is as the Helix hits it. Then you might be able to contract and work the Hexlix around it even more. But, for now, don't give up! You've started to find some real key elements. Keep experiment, breathing deep, relaxing, and then report again and let us know what's going on. :)
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    Welcome to the rabbit hole, my friend. And kudos!