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All night long with coconut oil
  • I'm a new user with a mgx. I've had some varying degrees of success-I'm 57 yrs old with some impotence. I use coconut oil exclusively and find it very easy to insert. I'm 6'2" and I may try a larger aneros at some time but the mgx does seem to work about half of the time. I'm straight and have always enjoyed anal stimulation but my wife isn't interested in anal play at all. Last night my wife went to bed early & I smoked a little weed (that & mental imagery of sex seems to work best for me) inserted my aneros and went immediately into a deep sleep for eight hours! I awoke & realized I still had it inside me. I'm not aware of any sexual dreams or anything. It's now three hours later and I have no ill effects from sleeping with it. Also, I read of a lot of people experimenting with different lubes-well after eight hours I easily expelled my mgx. I highly recommend the coconut oil-I just lube my anus with my finger then lube the aneros and insert it while standing in the bathroom, wash up & go to bed. I wear dark colored cotton gym shorts to bed and while my shorts may get a little oil stain (and semen sometimes too) it has never gotten on the bed. I am now finding if I go 3-4 days without anal/prostate stimulation I kinda of crave it! I've never gotten a super-O but I am getting some very nice feelings down there.