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question regarding non-damaging modifications
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    lm hoping the title catches a few ppls interest as lm very curious as to if there are those out there who have either thought about this or tried.

    basically.. while l have seen it mentioned once somewhere, about using penis sleeves over the Aneros. now lm wondering if it would be a good idea to try using sleaves over the lower end of the shaft at the sphincter considering there are so many nerve endings there. while lve not had major success with the MGX l think it could be interesting to add something to the base of other models to add a twist to what we already have without damaging the Aneros(s) in any way.. the only problems l see are with the VICE and the Progasm being larger so trying with the smaller models would be interesting.

    has anyone tried this? what about adding a sleeve to the head of the Aneros? l can only assume that there might be the possibility for interesting sensations based upon the MGXs design and its worth adding something a little different where the other models differ.

    just purchased these to test with: Japanese Stretchy Sleeves Set - Free UK Delivery on Cock Rings at Lovehoney