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Progress & the Tale of the Tail
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Thank you for all the Lube Information that has been given in my last post. It is very helpful and I have learnt so much. It is all very new to me.

    A few recents posts have also been helpful. I think I had been trying to make 'it' happen.

    The early morning works better for me - my Dr tells me testosterone levels peek in the early morning so that may explain it.
    Over the last couple of weeks with evening sessions I have woken up on my back with the "tail" pushing against the bed!
    I chose to modified the tails rather than cut them off: details below.
    Early this morning I tried the sgx, with the reduced tail. It was my best session so far. I had many tiny localised "involuntaries". The inner end of the sgx I think was resting against the prostate. It felt good. There was a strong impulse to "ramp up" the involuntary contractions. I resisted this and relaxed. Some nice new feelings in this process.

    The tale of the tail:
    I think the long tail is to cater for folk who are quite large. For a light weight person (myself) the handle is excessive. In another post a member tried to use a candle flame to heat the tail which he found was way too hot. The following may be helpful.

    Caution: This worked for me. If you try this you do so at your own risk as plastic can be unpredictable and a 150°C (302°F) air jet is unexpectedly hot. In this process I took the utmost care of the finish on the body of the Aneros.

    I believe the helix, mgx, sgx are made of Plastic Acetal (Ref: Wiki).The melting point for Acetal is noted as 160°C (320°F). This does not apply to all the Aneros products but only for the Acetal models. I first traced the outline of my Aneros on a paper so I could return the shorted tail to the right angle - I found this to be very helpful later when I used the Aneros again.
    I borrowed a digital read out heat gun (Bosch) and heated the tails to 150°C (302°F) to soften them a bit and then began to curled them back on themselves using long nose pliers and fastening the curl when I could with electricians ties (I tested that my ties would not melt at 150°C). Heat had to be applied several times until I could get the ties on. I then kept the 150°C heat on the fastened curled tails for a couple of minutes. I forced cooled the tails in front of a fan to fix the curl. I repeated the process until I got the reduced curl I was after; I also restored the tail angle . The complete curl in now about 1.5" of the centre of the base of my aneros massagers (it was between 2.5"+) and is now clear of the bed. At 150°C the Acetal is certainly not soft but it will safely bend and hold its shape if held in position until it cools.
    A hair dryer - my first try - was not hot enough and although the tail will bend a bit it does not hold its shape but retains a partial memory. Non digital Bosch heat guns lowest temp is around 250 - 300°C which is far too hot, as it is well over the melt point.