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experiencing the female
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    for those of you who are interested in male-male fucking, here is possibly the best video i have seen of that.

    next door boy getting a lesson - XTube Porn Video - deltachi

    i know i am a bit of a broken record on this, but, do i want to be the guy on the bed? yes! this video corresponds pretty closely to what i like to imagine getting it would be like... being the woman.

    (the one thing i don't like is absence of condom)

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Handsome willing happy young man there indeed darwin. Thanks for the link. I think the age differences in that session were significant and reflected in the specific behaviours and degree of joyful submission. Assuming he was legal, that is 18 or over, my friend and I were both 17 and yet seemed more adult and equals in our sex and enthusiasms.

    I was never that "moany" or weak when bottoming, although I did have great fun and enjoyed being filled, at least initially. I do know what you mean, butt I did not think of myself as a woman. I think that male/male anal intercourse is tied to our prostate anatomy and hunter band bonding, as well as sperm sharing with infertile hetero males.

    In my early gay explorations, I felt like a willing receptive male when bottoming, no less than when topping. Yay flip-flop!! I have for years felt my feminine dimension as in my Yin energies, butt I do not think of my ass as a female equivalent organ. It is to me a triumph of whole male masculinity!! I respect your feelings about that, and because our prostate/Gspot is up there as compared to the female's up her vagina, I too differentiate the female ass from the male ass functionally.

    I am just much more focused on the energies level rather than the physical level now. All the best with your quest.

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hey, darwin.

    That's a very good Gay fuck scene, for sure. That said, I don't think being receptive to anal sex necessarily makes for a female experience, unless the guy catching thinks he is in a female role, which I imagine is the case for some guys.

    When I'm receiving anal sex from my wife pegging me, I don't feel female at all. I feel like a man getting great prostate and penile stimulation. No doubt, prostate and penile stimulation are parallel with G-spot and clitoral stimulation. However, parallelism does not mean equivalence. Based on Web videos I've seen, some guys do take on the female role when pegged, even dressing the part. Those guys could be said to be experiencing a female-like fuck. Maybe one of our Forum members who enjoys playing the female role will speak up in this thread.

    Best Regards,

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    yes, it comes down to what people are turned on by. for me getting fucked would be about experiencing the female: giving control over to another guy, completely, opening up, spreading and letting the pleasure take me. imagining myself in the female has to do with the guy's relationship to me, the way guys are turned on by women, and like to take command. by me becoming the female, he stays fully the male. its also understanding myself to be providing a "soft target" for his lust.

    i think the parts of this video i found most exciting are when he physically pulls the guy on the bed to him, when he holds his arms, and when he fondles his "breasts." i also really liked the bottom guy's screams and how his face was slack and flushed.

    in life i am a pretty masculine guy and have no aspirations to be feminine. but in the bed another option seems very alluring.