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My First Vice Session and a Question
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    I have had an interesting experience with my session with the Vice.
    Muze vibes not used. Minimal sphincter contractions.

    It was a gentle process to get the Vice in place - I think my inner sphincter was challenged a bit to say the least!
    Once it was in place it was sort of invisible to my awareness. I lay on my side, legs together at a right angle, relaxed and did my deeper breathing. As I did this I became aware of a 'hard' pressure point building up against the Vice in the P-Tab area. It felt as is something solid was expanding. As it expanded I sort of responded every so selectively contracting the "inner" part of the BC muscle (Penis control muscles) adjacent to "it". The 'solid point' responded and seems to expand a bit more. When I moved my hand to investigate it disappeared. When returned to my original position it made its presence felt again. It seemed to be a pressure against the Vice rather than the P-Tab. This cat and mouse - its expansion and my contraction response - got to the point where some 'involuntary' relief would have been nice. It felt enormous and hard and all consuming. I felt it had the capacity to 'release' inwardly like an outward ejaculation might feel. But it did not.
    I let it subside but its lessened presence remained. This pattern was repeated over an hour and happened lying on either side. I felt quite happy about the experience.
    Sphincter contractions were not helpful in this session.

    I am intrigued to know what to do and if it is a normal growth pattern.
    I am guessing the "expanding point which felt like a large marble 1"OD (golf ball was the perception) was either:

    The BC muscle (inner penis end) very localised flexing itself?
    My Prostate Playing?
    The Nerve Plexus energising?
    Something Dreadful? (give me the bad news slowly!)

    The above description is inadequate but any wisdom would be appreciated.

    (The info re-lubrication in my other post is invaluable - a big thank you. I have started to assemble the ingredients - Beeswax scare as the local bees have few flowers this year)
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 876
    Hello, isvara.

    That internal swelling, pressure point feeling is most likely your prostate becoming engorged. Then, it returns to its inactive state. Many times, there are pleasurable feelings associated with an engorged prostate as it becomes more sensitive. Other times, the prostate can swell up and feel like a golf ball without providing any feeling other than pressure. This whole business is a learning experience. Your body/brain will figure it out eventually and it will feel really great.

    Best Regards,