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  • hey fellow anaerosions, i have now got a blog up and ready, see you there!
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Excellent HB!!!!!!

    Bigguy / Linghaman
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Agreed, bigguy. Another Anerosian launches another EXCELLENT blog.

    Check it out, ya'll.

  • just added new post guys, my Thoughts On Rewiring (Part P Certified.)
    check it here.

  • OK long overdue, but new post up.

    Sexuality and Death
  • [02:15:53] cj187:
    [02:17:59] cj187: deep HB
    [02:18:33] Human Being: yup
    [02:18:36] imperium: starting now.
    [02:21:57] Human Being: maybe this might cause a little ripple in the aneros community
    [02:35:45] imperium: interesting.
    [02:36:24] imperium: I can relate to the feelings where its like you have just been released from seeing such truth / hapiness
    [02:37:02] imperium: that the resuly of being let out of that is like the polar oppsite, you see deah / unhapiness on the way down.
    [02:37:37] imperium: Must have light in order for there to be shadow, type of thing.
    [02:38:23] Human Being: i don't think there opposites, there was no shadow, i wasn't atall afraid of it it was from the first to be special experienc
    [02:38:53] Human Being: e, i didn't put in because it would require some clarification
    [02:39:25] Human Being: wich was to be my next post, i was comfortable but intensely so
    [02:39:27] imperium: No fear necissarily.
    [02:39:49] imperium: But impossible to know things without seeing so to say.
    [02:39:59] Human Being: another thouht was, that this isn't the first time it has happend
    [02:40:04] imperium: IE: shadow does not exist without light.
    [02:40:27] imperium: Seeing the light allows you to understand the shadow. without seeing one the other remains unknown also.
    [02:40:30] Human Being: you are right, but i have seen, i know theres no such thing as complete death
    [02:41:55] Human Being: no the shadow concept is wrong, a shadow/darkness only appears in the absense of light, all through the experience there was
    [02:42:00] Human Being: only light
    [02:42:30] Human Being: in light you cannot concieve of any shadow
    [02:43:09] Human Being: make sense?
    [02:44:19] Human Being: i always knew even when i really thought i was going to die that i would come out of the other end as spirit
    [02:44:29] imperium: object is required to cast shadow.
    [02:44:40] imperium: no object in the mind leaves only presence of light.
    [02:44:57] Human Being: good one
    [02:45:23] imperium: Life is energy man, and if you know your physics / chemistry then there is no such thing as
    [02:45:32] Human Being: the object would be your mind, i had quite a quiet mind through the whole thing
    [02:45:40] imperium: "EndinG' or destroying, only change and travel.
    [02:46:23] imperium: Object = attachment; to a given concept, thing place, idea ETC.
    [02:46:27] Human Being: yes, but it take existensial knowledge to really embrace, like you say you don't really know
    [02:46:35] Human Being: but you will
    [02:47:05] Human Being: no, to ANYTHING
    [02:47:34] Human Being: your body, your parents, at the end you have to be willing to give up everything
    [02:47:41] imperium: Yeah, Object can mean literally anything.
    [02:48:29] Human Being: this is a good convo, mind if i post it?
    [02:48:35] imperium: The concept of "ownership" is a complete laugh, there is nothing we own. It's such a fuked up ass word the
    [02:48:52] imperium: western man came up with to make himself feel powerfull.
    [02:49:01] imperium: Sure, go ahread.
    [02:49:10] Human Being: not western man, but man in general
    [02:50:16] imperium: I honnestly think peopl in for lack of a beter word "impovershed" parts of the world are actually far more enlighten than we
    [02:51:03] imperium: can hope to work toward. the more your society engrainns consumerisim or other "ownership" the more people think it is a
    [02:51:33] imperium: fact of existince, the more the false concept is peretuated. the less you have the more you realize that you don't
    [02:51:41] Human Being: they are always working toward something, thier lives do not lack a purpose, those with everything lack
    [02:51:43] imperium: need / own theese things.
    [02:51:58] Human Being: excactly