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An old adventure revisited
  • Hi all,

    I bought the mgx back in 2007 and didnt really get to the place I wanted so after damaging it through trying different modifications I plumped for the Helix.
    I found the Helix a bit more aggresive but still didnt find the place I was looking for and the elusive 'super O' although I do remember having some massively enhanced masturbation sessions.

    about 12months after my initial dive into the aneros scene I was diagnosed with prostatitus and found it painful if not a little stupid to carry on with my endeavours.

    I have now after a long break and time to recover decided to revisit my helix and am loving the sensations produced but still cant find the elusive Super O.

    I really enjoy the anal stimulation though and long for a quiet couple of hours and an empty house.

    I have placed an order today for the Progasm and cant wait for it to arrive now, hopefully the larger size will deliver, I sometimes worry myself a little by how much I yearn anal penetration, but I simply love it, probably because it is so taboo.

    So here we go again, the search for the Super O continues

    Will post pack my experiences asap

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356

    in my case using the aneros aggravates my prostatitis. so take it slow at first.

  • padboundpadbound
    Posts: 15
    Well the much anticipated arrival of the new progasm ended and I was impressed by the new packaging etc, nicely presented.

    As luck happened I had a night out in a lovely hotel the same night as the progasm arrived so with a quick stop off to get some ky and a 3hour drive later I was all showered up and ready for action.

    I was amazed by the looks of the progasm and couldn't wait to pop it in but instead i just relaxed a bit and followed the instructions. Deep breathing etc etc and I must admit it felt quite nice but after the initial semi erection after 10 mins or so the next 2 hours were pretty uneventful.

    I am in the same spot as I was with the helix, nothing really to write Home about.

    Then, last night after a long drive home I decided to have a bath, this time I thought hell lets try it in the bath too, I Popped the progasm in and just lay there and drifted off a bit. After 20 mins or so I felt a slight sensation, similar to the sensation of the P tab but a little deeper inside, then my heart started to pound and then after a minute or two the heart pounding seemed to move to my pelvic area. I must point out that I had not deliberatly tried any contractions at this point, just layed there in the steaming hot water.
    I could really feel the pumping of my heart in my groin area and I knew something was pulsing down there because the water in the bath was surging and lapping my chin, it was a wonderful feeling and I really thought it might develop further but sadly that is as far as I got .

    Hopefully this is a turning point in my seven year quest and it is something to build on, or maybe it was just the water too hot hmmmmm
    Anyway, any thoughts grateful, and any of you out there worried about the size of the progasm then don't be, it pops in quite nicely, would hopefully soon be able to really recommend it.

    Maybe I am just trying too hard?
  • padboundpadbound
    Posts: 15
    Had a two hour session with my old helix last night and after about an hour or so of left side then right side then on my back knees bent, I decided to just try and relax and forget about trying to move the helix .
    I just let my legs go and stretched them out in front of me, I tried a couple of light contractions and then held a half contraction for a few minutes.
    What happened next is hard to describe as I have never experienced the feeling before, it was like a fluttering in specifically my penis and scrotum, this happened about four or five times in quick succession and just as quickly went away again.

    The fluttering feeling was almost like an out of body experience, something weird but nice. Can anyone confirm if this was possibly a p wave???
    Shortly after this I gave up as I needed what I thought was to pee and removed the helix whilst sitting on the toilet , here another strange thing happened, I was desperately trying to squeeze a piss out and for about five minutes all I could manage was a dribble now and again and very pleasurable dribbles they were too, upon further investigation and actually catching one of these dribbles in my hand I realised it was actually precum.

    Last nights session has given me plenty to think about , I just hope the wife decides to stay in the sofa another night soon

    The story continues
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Sunds to me as if you are progressing nicely!

    It might be a good idea to have your doctor check the state of your prostate just to be sure.

    Good luck!
  • padboundpadbound
    Posts: 15
    Progress of sorts, I had been diagnosed clear of prostatitus a year and a half ago but had started to notice the same dull ache in my anus post ejaculation again over the last few months.
    I have now been very active with the aneros over the last three weeks and have noticed no post ejaculation pain at all since starting back on the path to the super o.
    This device definitely has its therapeutic values as well as being good pleasurable fun, I just hope that one say soon the super o will show its face.
    Fingers crossed
  • padboundpadbound
    Posts: 15

    I lubed my sphincter region with a smear of vaseline then inject about 5mls of KY into my rectum before lubing up my helix and slowly edging it into place. I then put settled into bed in a slightly upright lying on my back position and tried my damnest to forget about the helix whilst browsing first this forum and then my favourite porn tube websites.
    After 20mins or so I got a throbbing erection and the feel of the helix had pretty much disappeared. after the initial throbbing in my penis I found the moment quickly subside and I started to get pleasant feelings in my anal region followed by semi voluntary contractions helped along by my own gentle contractions.
    Having had an erection it seemed easier to pinpoint the muscles I needed to move the aneros around without contracting the sphincter too much and found the pleasure start to build. The only problem was the constant nagging sensation to want to pee and after about an hour of surfing I eventually gave in and went to have quite a lengthy pee of which was longer than my normal 5 second pee.
    Once bag in bed things started to progress and after another half an hour or so of what I would describe as edging I found a few instances of uncontrollable fullbody shakes kicking in.
    These started to subside but I really felt as if I was in a zone I hadn't experienced before and just went along with it.
    This was now 2 hours into a session and it really felt like things were ebbing away from me so in a moment of desperation I decided to switch off the laptop, turn off the lights and switch over to my newly acquired Progasm.
    I just lay on my side and let the progasm settle in before starting a few gentle contractions, each of these were edging me closer to what I can only describe as a penile orgasm but one that was building inside, I had 4 or 5 moments of warm tingling in my penis and then the tell tale damp signs of precum dribbling out, the precum I could feel welling up deep inside me then a really warm almost burning feeling as it travelled up through my shaft to my tip.
    It was at this time that I felt myself start to tremble then wham I broke into a full body uncontrollable shake and the constant feeling that an orgasm was iminent, I could feel my belly and upper legs really tensing up to almost a cramp like feeling and was conscious of more precum working its way out.
    I was sweating profusely and carrying on with the sensations thinking this is it! this is what it is all about, but alas after approx 20mins of tensing and convulsing and the progasm hammering me like something posessed it all came to an end and although I really felt good and on a high it just wasnt the outcome I have been craving.
    It just feels like my whole body was on the verge of an amazing orgasm but my head just didnt get the rush I get when I experience a penile ejaculation orgasm. Do you actually get that euphoric feeling when you super O or is this as good as it gets??

    For one thing I believe the aneros still has more to give and I believe that something great is just around the corner.
    A night off is in order tonight as I am getting a little possessed by the whole scene but hopefully tomorrow night I can try again.

    I really do recommend anyone out there trying to achieve the euphoric Super O state to incorporate a good session of porn surfing into their routine, I feel it has hopefully opened a door for me.

    Feel free to comment and I am sorry if I go on a bit about my journey but hopefully someone can make sense of it all for me.

  • padboundpadbound
    Posts: 15

    does anyone find the K Tab on the progasm a little irratating? I find it just digs in and at times pinches the skin between my cheeks, part of me wants to cut it off but my financial side of my mind thinks it could be a total waste of money if once removed it doesn't feel any better. I have removed the handle on my helix and find it a lot better but am reluctant to modify the progasm after shelling out hard earned cash on it. What do you friends recommend??
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    I also found the K tab on the Progasm distracting. I just bent mine out slightly, you can heat carefully with a heat gun or I just softened it with boiling water.
  • Padbound
    My experience is similar to what you describe. As wonderful as the aneros sessions have been, only a few times have I felt satisfied without penile ejaculatory orgasm, and even those times the peak feelings didn't quite equal the traditional masurbation. Most of the time even when I consider my aneros experience very good, I am left with sort of an unfinished, blue ball, sense. I have seen numerous references in the forum and perhaps blogs that penile ejaculatory orgasm at the end of a session is not recommended. Perhaps there are convincing reasons for this, but I haven't found the forum or blog that might explain. It's OK to end with vaginal or anal ejaculation in someone?

    As for K tab on Progasm, I get great pleasure with pressure in that area, so maybe it is a question of one's anatomy (?)
  • padboundpadbound
    Posts: 15
    Rectum cleared out in the shower, now a couple of hour wait to see if the house settles down enough for me to find a quiet corner for a session, got a new tube of astroglide gel to try out tonight, fingers crossed I get to play , all horny and ready to go already !!!!