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Bought the progasm but I think it might be too much for me
  • So about a month ago I started to re-kindel my interest with the general region which I hadn't really thought about since some experimentation I did during puberty. It didn't last long and eventaully I got a girlfriend and just quit thinking about it. Fast forward about 10 years and I just moved for work and am now in a long distance relationship. Anyways that's lead to a lot more me time which eventually lead to some experimentation. I had forgotten how good it felt and after some research online learned about prostate orgasms and made it my mission to try and have one.

    After a week or so of messing about and some online research I made my first purchase which I was a little embarrased about but my curiosity outweighed any sort of embarasement. Anyways what I bought was the progasm, got it rush delivered ripped it out of the package and was a little intimidated but gave it a whirl. Getting it in wasn't to much of a problem and it did feel ok. But I couldn't seem to really get anything from it, I was actually having better luck with fingers and well I'm not going to lie stuff I managed to dig up around the house that I used because I was to embarrased to buy anything. I've never actually managed to have a prostate orgasm but it's played a role in some pretty great regular ones. Anyways so after a couple of unsuccessfull sessions o headed back to the internet and scoured this forum and th wiki for tips. I learned that I probably should have bought a different one but it fit ok so I didn't think much of it.

    I'm now a fair amount of sessions in with no real progress to speak of. I've followed other peoples instructions that I've been reading and tried various methods but I'm not really getting much sensation. I'm not just talking a super O, I know that takes time and practice. But no smaller ones, no P-waves, no real sensation excpet a full feeling without stimulating my penis. I guess my question is what should I do? Am I maybe not getting any sensation because it's just too big an doesn't get the required mobility, should I think about a smaller model? And if so what should I get. One thing that I've noticed exporing down there it that I may be wrong but it would seem my prostate is really back in there, I've had no luck with my fingers and I have to get pretty aggressive to feel much with toys. Anyways I guess I'm just looking for a little advice on how to proceed. Thanks for your help
  • Helix is usually recommended to new users because it has some size, good mobility, without being overwhelming. Its newer than the MGX and has a more aggressive curve without 'being the progasm' lol.