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Are These Involuntary Contractions That I'm Experiencing?
  • Using my progasm ice when doing short contractions, the aneros inside twitches and I can feel it moving around when I'm holding my small contraction with the same force. Also while doing this my penis contracts, to where it's basically getting sucked it and then pushes back out again. They are basically twitches, but they are a lot more uniform with movement.

    Are these involuntary contractions I'm experiencing?

    Also I've been stuck awhile with no progress. When I first got my aneros I had a little bit of encouraging results. Then I stopped getting anything. I noticed that my contractions were just me making my penis hard. Doing this my penis pointed more up. This is when I was not experiencing any results. I started focusing on my anus just pulling the aneros up. Not even contracting with my penis at all. (at least I didn't notice it) I was getting good feelings moving from my penis up to my head. In two occasions it felt like my prostate was pounding. And like I said above, my penis was getting moved in towards my body and then out. And it felt good. I could actually feel the aneros moving inside of me. Twitching inside of me. During this time I was spilling out tons of precum. IM A LEAKER. Haha no orgasms or anything, just nice feelings.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 565
    Yes, sounds like you're experiencing the range of sensations and involuntary movements that come with rewiring so keep at it! I obtained the best results by relaxing on my back, knees up, holding gentle PC contractions, that is focusing on the gentle "pull" you'd use to cut off urine flow, not anal "pulling in" contractions. When I'd do this about 30 seconds then relax about 30 seconds and repeat this over and over for about 20 minutes, especially while lightly tickling my nipples, tremendous involuntary contractions started coming that led over time to intense dry orgasms.

    However I "trained" with smaller massagers than the Progasm. Though I have one, it seems to move the least for me and the Eupho instead produces the most amazing movements and orgasms for me.