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silicone lube > water-based lube IMHO
  • i just tried a silicone-based lube for the first time today and it blew my mind how much better things felt.

    of course i'm just basing this on one session but i'm pretty much convinced.

    prior to today i had used mostly Maximus (water-based) which is a good product.

    i'm surprised that the shop here doesn't offer a silicone lube.

    i used an injector (lube tube) and there was no leaking or clean-up.

    and I believe the silicone lubes are actually more cost-effective as well. despite their high prices, you only need half as much lube.

    silicone lube wasn't even on my radar a month ago as I assumed it was less healthy or possibly risky. from the info I could find I concluded that a silicone lube may be the healthiest option. (but i'm certainly not an authority on this) the parabens and other additives in water-based products give me more cause for concern than what i've learned about silicone.

    i'll keep my eyes open for more definitive medical studies on this. i admit that a lot of the info i read came from manufacturers and sellers of the silicone lubes.

    it seemed to me that the biggest risk with using a silicone lube is if you spill some on a smooth surface such as a shower floor it could cause a wipeout.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 133
    Intriguing. From what I've read it's very slippery and lasts forever, to the point of being difficult to remove. However, there's one comment on lovehoney:

    (ID Millenium)
    The only down-side is that it can sometimes be too good. I tried some once with an Aneros prostate massager, and found that the massager wasn't working correctly at all. Switching lubes to a water based one gave me the required grip to actually get the massager moving as it should.

    If you want to practically eliminate friction, then this is the lube to use. If you simply want to reduce it, then stick with a water-based product.