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a new orgasm for me
  • Been on my sexual journey with the progasm for over three years now. It has shown me that we really know so little about what our bodies are capable of. So I have no problem getting to the full body orgasm. I usually just hold a anal contraction and gently move the head of the progasm and after about 20 min of this I am cumming up a storm. Today I tried to concentrate on the first bump on the progasm and here is what happened. I felt like I was edging I took myself to the point of what I thought would be a HFWO my cock totally seized up like normal and my prostate started pumping. Looked at my cock no cum and it just kept pumping. This went on for what seemed like twice as long as a normal O. I relaxed and was able to repeat it 3 more times. Still no semen. So give this a shot if you already haven't it blew my mind.
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 86
    Same here, I've even had O's from just inserting the progasm tip.