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Kick-started an Aneros session with penile stim. Now confilicted
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    I have been using the Aneros infrequently since about 2009. Progress has been slow. I really find it hard to keep arousal (not erect) before sessions because of living conditions and time constraints. Also, I am just not that much of a horny guy, especially without a physical sexual partner. It takes weeks of nonejaculating to even come close to wanting to aneros. I have only had what I believe to be a slight Mini-O. Possibly.

    I thought: I will kickstart a session without some penile stimulation. I will get to the point of ejaculation, then use the Aneros. As soon as I inserted the Aneros, I got involuntary contractions. Within time, the Aneros was doing "the fucking". I had a mini-O wash over me, or got very close to it anyway. I actually felt l was doing the movement of a leaf falling from a height, like, rocking horizontally from side to side. When I opened my eyes, I was NOT doing this movement. I felt lightheaded.

    There always seems to be some kind of subtle new feeling to be had.

    Today, I had a penile orgasm and it was so unbelievably poor. Again, I am faced with the fact that I want to start dating, but I really don't need the sex. LOL. Sex now appears to be for the woman's benefit. I wonder what the world would be like, if all men realized this - sex is for an emotional connection to the woman, but as for pleasure, it's pretty much inferior to the prostate.

    I digress. Have less horny guys resulted to penile-stim before anerosing? With what results. I will keep on trying, as the "Penis, NOT!" way didn't work for me at all. In 2 years, I made no real progress.
  • Hey, PM me when you get a chance. Let's take this off-line. I have some ideas that might help.