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I've Become Too Reliant on Vibrating Massagers, Is That Bad?
  • RandoRando
    Posts: 19
    I got the Progasm and Helix about 18 months ago and it took me about 3 months to rewire myself to the point where I was getting close to and possibly having Super Os. Then I got the Vice and with that I was able to reach whole new levels of Super Os. The problem is that now when I go back to the Progasm or Helix, the results are almost non-existant. It seems that now I pretty much have to have some kind of vibration along with my Aneros or I won't get good results. Is this seen as a bad thing? I think I'd like to get to the point that some guys are at where they can feel tingles and their prostate even when it's not inserted and possibly bring themselves to Super O just via simple contractions. However I'm worried that I may have "numbed" my prostate to these natural sensations with an over-reliance on vibrations. Should I just accept the fact that I can get Super O's, but only with the vibrators, or should I attempt a 2nd rewiring where I work strictly with my Progasm and/or Helix for a couple months until I fully awaken my prostate?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    my opinion would be to either put the vice away or use it without the vibrator.
    for me, the vibrator has done little and I like the vice without.
    I would have to agree that it is certainly possible to have "numbed" your prostrate but would think it will come back around with time
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Rando said:It seems that now I pretty much have to have some kind of vibration along with my Aneros or I won't get good results.It sounds like a case of self-created classical conditioning. This same phenomenon has been reported to occur with women using vibrators as orgasm generators. Rando said:Is this seen as a bad thing?Applying a value judgment of 'good' or 'bad' depends on your point of view and what your are trying to accomplish. In your case, I presume your motivation and intent was to create consistent, repeatable Super-O Anerosessions. For you, the use of the vibrator became the effective tool to accomplish that goal. However, in the process of conditioning yourself to experience this, you have also consequently desensitized yourself to other modes of stimulation. Rando said:Should I just accept the fact that I can get Super O's, but only with the vibrators, or should I attempt a 2nd rewiring where I work strictly with my Progasm and/or Helix for a couple months until I fully awaken my prostate?That is a heavily loaded question with many nuances, first , being the word "Should..." Only you can determine what you should or should not do, we here on the Forum may provide opinionated advice, but ultimately, it is you who determines what is your best course of action. This statement presumes the situation is somewhat immutable when in fact it is only a habituated condition, you can change your habits as you alluded to in the last part of your sentence. I suspect your prostate is already fully awakened. It is now a matter of getting your conscious mind to embrace pursuit of alternative paths to the Super-O not employing a vibrator as the power source. Just as it was probably difficult to wean yourself away from the penile stimulation path to get to the Super-O experience, it may be difficult to wean your way off the vibrator but I am confident you are up to the challenge.

    Buddha said:[CENTER]All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
    The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
  • Hello, Rando.

    I enjoy my Vice very much, with and without the vibe. Super-Os are routine, either way. I mention that to encourage you to spend some time with Vice, sans vibe. It may take a little while longer to "get going" without the vibe, but your body WILL figure it out, given the opportunity. Be patient. It might take three or four "dud" sessions before you're back in the groove.

    Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

  • RandoRando
    Posts: 19
    Thanks a bunch for the detailed responses guys, there are some interesting ideas there that I'll have to mull over carefully.

    Lately, I've basically done a complete 180 on how I view sex and masturbation. I've been reading a lot of tantric stuff and I think it could tie in very well with Aneros rewiring. When I masturbate (without Aneros) I am completely focused on full body sensations rather than simply penile arousal. I also only ejaculate once a week so the goal of these sessions is full body orgasms that don't include ejaculation. I've only been doing it for a couple weeks, but the results have been pretty amazing.

    This is why I've been a bit concerned with my reliance on vibrations in Anerosession's lately. I envision future scenarios where I'm masturbating without Aneros and creating combo orgasms with penile stimulation and building them to new heights just by bringing the prostate into it either with conscious thought or a few anal contractions. Or if I'm having sex, I won't always have the Aneros inserted and it'd be awesome to go for a long time, not worrying about ejaculation, and having awesome full body orgasms with my partner that sometimes involve the prostate increasing the overall intensity.

    So based on these guys I guess I should probably put the Vice vibrator away for a bunch of sessions and be more careful when I introduce it again in the future, maybe at that point I will rotate between sex, traditional masturbation, Anerosessions w/vibrator and without so I don't become too reliant on any one form of stimulation and have a full sexual portfolio at my disposal, so to speak.

    All this stuff is extremely exciting to me, it's a shame that stuff like the Aneros or tantric sex practices are not more widely known, it seems like the average guy is barely scratching the surface of what's possible sexually. Unfortunately, I don't think I could mention tantra or the Aneros to my buddies without getting very strange looks and probably being partially ostracized from the group (I'm mid-20s).
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    From my limited experience with prostate vibrator (actually attaching a Pocket Rocket to Helix's handle) I can tell that it actually does numb the prostate. With vibrator on, it doesn't feel as pleasant as without vibrator. But one thing prostate vibrator seems good for is producing an ejaculation with the bare minimum hand penis stimulation. For example I can literally ejaculate just from delicately moving my foreskin over my penis head with 2 fingers. I've learned the hard way certain actions can't be "weak enough" to avoid ejaculation.