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A few common Questions
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    New member 'incredibleOs' asked some good questions in his initial post -> I love this thing...(a nice post BTW) in the Testimonials Forum.[QUOTE=incredibleOs;102411]It sounds like this convulsion of ecstasy is common in the threads? Is this what you all call the big O, dry O, super O? Is there more? I have no ejaculate whatsoever, not even pre cum.. How often do you all allow yourself to experience this? Are there any doctors out there who have experienced this? What is physiologically happening? Is there any damage that can be done if you let yourself experience this regularly, (weekly or more)? Can you enjoy yourself “ too often”? Rather than respond in the Testimonials Forum, I thought it would be better to have responses in the General Discussion Forum.

    @'incredibleOs', IMHO, what you have described in your initial post does fit the description for a Super-O. So, congratulations for arriving at that port of call so quickly. I am of the opinion you should allow yourself to experience these events as often as you like. You may be interested in viewing/voting in the user Polls Frequency of Use, How long to ride the Aneros? and How much is too much? to see what your fellow members think.

    As long as you are following the manufacturers recommendations and not manually manipulating your massager, it is highly unlikely you will do physical damage to yourself. We do have a couple of doctors and health care technicians as members here who can more authoritatively speak to that issue than I, but I can report no ill effects from my twice weekly use over the past 4 1/2 years. I think if you have the time available to enjoy this grand gift of joy of which your body is capable of delivering, then DO SO!
  • Hello, incredibleOs.

    Congrats on your rapid progress!

    Regarding frequency of use, I'm at the "heavy user" end of the spectrum since I sleep with one or another Aneros model inserted every night, with few exceptions. That means a Super-O at bedtime and another when I wake up around 6 AM. I've been doing this for about 6 months with no harmful effects as far as I can tell.

    Note that the manufacturer does NOT approve of sleeping with the device. Other Forum members have warned of negative health effects. Should you decide to try it for yourself, select a lube that will remain fluid for the duration. Water-based lubes generally won't last more than a few hours. Silicone, oil or fat-based lubes are a better choice.


  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    I'm experimenting with Aneros-less approach. I use Aneros when I don't have enough time or my focus isn't very good.
  • I love this discussion. I am, like Ten_s_nut, am a "heavy" user. I engage in Aneros use almost every day, and like him, insert almost every night before bed. Unlike him, however, I often remove it after an hour or three, and the reinsert it after a quick trip to the loo to empty the bladder (nothing worse than a full bladder for Anerosing!).

    I cannot describe the joy I experience from my Aneros sessions. I can't wait for the next about 90 minutes from right now...and I have been doing this for several years. I often have days (when on travel for work) where I have a session in the morning, the afternoon and again in the evening. I ALWAYS enjoy myself, all sessions are good, some are great, and every once in a while, absolutely stupendous.

    So, no harm done after all that. I feel great, my doc thinks my prostate is great (I'm almost 66), and my sperm production is still quite good for an old geezer.

    Go for it,'s the limit.

    Just as an aside, when I first started with Aneros and quickly found myself "addicted" I asked Rumel if I would be doing it too much. His reply was classic..."does a monk ask God if he's praying too much?" Seriously, you cannot hurt yourself (assuming you're just letting your rectum do the work and not your hands) with an Aneros. Just enjoy it and don't worry about praying too much.